Monday, September 6, 2010

Anna Sui Find

Today the weather is not cooporating today. Supposed to be a pool BBQ party at my house but it is overcast and chilly. To still give it a summer feel I am wearing the cut off jean shorts but to not freeze to death decided to go with this top which is warmer than your normal tank top or t-shirt. Plus gives me a chance to debut the top I got months ago at a bazaar in Turkey. A great find I must add. I like the contrast of the dressy top with the cut off's. I had these shorts forever but have not worn them in a long time. They are a bit too short to run around after kids but since I was at my own house today I took the chance. They are also made out of this hard denim so not all that comfy compared to my other stretchy ones. Instead of flip flops I went with the ankle cuff sandals to add more ruggedness. For jewelry this leaf necklace made out of lava rock goes great. Plus an all black watch and a touch of evil eye on the other arm.

Sheer top with green stiching - Anna Sui
Cut off denim short shorts - Lucky
Ankle cuff leather sandals - Boutique 9
Lava rock leaf necklace - gift from Mom from a trip
Black watch - from Turkey
Evil eye bracelet - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Woke up early to finish unpacking and laundry and get the house ready for a series of parties we are hosting today. Our first set of guests arrived at 10:30 AM. We were total 4 families but that equates to 8 adults and 8 kids (all 3 and under)! Can't imagine the loudness of 4 pre-school boys and 4 toddler girls. But it was fun. Since it wasn't even warm (it was actually chilly) there was no swimming or water play but kids kept busy anyway. As they were leaving around 1 PM our second set of guests arrived (those without kids hence no nap schedules).Grill was going on pretty much non stop. Got to sit and chat for couple hours with friends and family while the kids napped. Just as they woke up had more people arrive with kids. As crazy as it sounds to host close to 30 people throughout the day it is actually fun for me. I love entertainning. We do it all the time so I am very used to it and I try to be a relaxed host and enjoy the company at the same time. Last guests left late evening. We heated up leftovers for dinner and had a nice time with the kids. 

So, these are my final contenders in my search for a new fall/winter wallet purse and a diaper bag.

1. As I mentioned in previous blogs I use a wallet/purse that hangs across my shoulder to carry all my valuables including money, phone, camera, CCds and even sunglasses. That way when I walk away from my stroller or diaper bag to run after kids, all my valuables come with me. I have been using an electric blue patent leather one from Poppy by Coach the last year and a half. It has worked out great. But for fall I wanted a change. Seeing how animal print is so in right now thought it would be great to find with that pattern. Found a cute one at Juicy as well which I might consider what do you think?

This is a coach one which of course the coach store did not have it but Nordsrom's did. I like this a lot. The only down side is it has no pockets inside. Just one back open pocket. I tried to find a link for this purse but can't even find it on Coach's website!

2. So instead of using a traditional diaper bag I would like to just us a cool tote bag. It needs to be something that is comfortable to carry and roomy enough to fit the things I need. I didn't want something too big as that would get too heavy. I wanted a hip style and color that would go with almost everything. Here is my contender. This is Marciano (by Guess). All leather. I love the colors of lavendar, purple, pink and burgandy. It would go with blacks and browns and colors I think. The style is adorable. Just not sure if I can fit everything I need. Also not sure if the chains add too much weight.

What do you guys think????


  1. That's an awesome substitution for a diaper bag! Wish I could've carried around one of those. Love this outfit too, that top is great!! Sounds like you had a fun day=)

  2. I almost bought that same Guess bag a few weeks ago but it wasn't big enough for everything I think I *need* to carry around all day. I love the coach bag! Even though it's really similar to the Juicy one it looks classier for some reason.

  3. I love the Coach bag. The style is classic and also very "it" this Fall. Oh, and your outfit here is FANTASTIC. And WOW, that's a lot of guests. I'd be in tears! So you impress me!


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