Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Totally Casual

Going very casual today. This is a combo I came up with recently as I was browsing the VS catalog. As I was looking for the right necklace for the outfit I came across this tribal piece which was a gift from my best friend from one of the south america countries she went to. Can't remember which one. I think it is made out of painted coffee beans and the center is a pit of some fruit. I love it and never had a chance to wear it before. I think it adds that pop of color to this blend combo. And for my bracelet I went with the 3 piece set one of my good friends hand made for my b-day this year. The purplish hue blends somehow.
Cameo Capris: Victoria's Secret catalog
white strapless top - Alloy catalog
denim vest - forever 21
cameo flats - rocket dog
necklace - tribal
bracelet - handmade

Today's Activities: Went to visit a friend who has moved to a new house this morning. Kids had a fun playdate and we stayed for lunch since it was quiet far. While the kids were napping our afternoon playdate guests arrived. We had fresh cookies and fruit and tea and a fun indoor playdate as it was too overcast to swim again. Tonight was my husband's night off so stayed home with the kids rest of the afternoon. As they were playing though I got to move some stuff around in my closet and dig out some older clothes out of their closets. I had a 'faux fur vest' on my list of items to buy this fall and I was so happy to find a fur shrug like jacket in my bin of evening gowns. I remembered it as super dressy but it is actually exactly like the ones they have in the fall fashion catalogs. I am sad to say it is not 'faux'. I am totally against fur but this one was handed down from my grandmother so I have to think of the owner's memories instead of where it came from originally. It looks amazing on jeans or over a cocktail dress. I also discovered this amazing looking gold cocktail dress where for the love of me I can't remember where it came from. Might be prefect for a company xmas party. Very happy with my free finds in my own closet! :)

Here is my daughter in her new denim tiered mini skirt with a tulle underlay...


  1. What a gorgeous mom and daughter snap.

  2. I love the purple bracelet. Ok, I love anything purple in the first place. :)
    Definitely a cute mother/daughter pic!
    (And yes, its a P&T! The red colour is so bright and happy. Definitely needed it so that I could pop both the little ones in... lifesaver!)


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