Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cutesy Pink

I had an inspiration photo for this outfit but can't locate it at the moment and I am too lazy to look for it. I have been wanting to try the socks with shoes look for a while. I bought these socks at 'we love colors' but they are too big so look a little baggy I think (as baggy as a sock can look I guess). I was going for the play on different hues of pink with gold look. This tee is OK but feel a different t-shirt (one I do not own) would have looked better.

Everything except the shoes are old...

Crop pink cardigan - Arden B
white tee - from Turkey (last year)
Boyfriend Jeans - Newport News catalog
hot pink belt - Forever 21
ankle socks - we love colors
brown mary janes - zappos
cuff watch - Betsey Johnson (gift from mom)
Charm bracelet - Victoria's Secret
Heart earings - Betsey Johnson (gift from mom)

Today's Activities: Swim class in the am followed by lunch at McDonald's (which has a big play structure) with a friend. After nap/quite time (my son has officially dropped the nap) we went to music class. Ran a few errands and came home to a nice family dinner. Watching 'Blind Side' with my husband right now which is why I have little to say. We are happy to have squeezed in a movie for us between peter pan and land before time...


  1. I don't own anything Betsy Johnson but it's funny just yesterday was looking at this cute necklace by BJ at TJMaxx.
    Beautiful outfit! Very cheerful and fun. And those mary janes are so cute!
    Thanks for replying to my question. I emailed you back.

  2. How did you like Turkey? I've been twice. It's a neat place, isn't it?


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