Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkins in the rain

Today was a debut of my tucker blouse. I have many combos with this lovely blouse and for today chose the one with orange in it to match our activity at a huge pumpkin farm. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy and very muddy. Had to wear an oversized rain jacket of my husbands I keep in the car for emergencies all day long and this outfit was never seen after these photos.  I wish I had anticipated this as I could have worn a very cute outfit with my own fitting rain coat and cute rain boots. Oh well... Also this was the first time I was wearing this orange tunic sweater. It feels baggy especially over the blouse. I tried to fix it by adding the belt but not sure if it did. I also originally wanted to wear my slouchy cognac colored tall boots but knew at least those would not be good in the mud.

Silk Blouse - Tucker (Target)
Oranse SS tunic sweater - Mango (thrifted from my sister)
Skinny jeans - Forever 21
Lace up rugged boots - Steve Madden
Double thin brown belt - Forever 21
Watch - Michael Kors

Today's Activities: Left as soon as the kids woke up and dressed (in costumes). We had breakfast at a local bagel shop and got on the road for the pumpkin farm. It is a place we started going every year since my son was born. It is a 45 minute to an hour drive but it is different than a regular pumpkin patch cause it has a giant field of actual pumpkins middle of corn stalks. You go on horse wagon and hay rides and see more fields of pumpkins, sunflowers and squashes. It is a lot of fun. We met two other couples with kids over there. Had the kids in costumes but of course as I said they were covered with jackets and boots after we did a quick photo shoot. They had a blast in the midst of all the mud running between and over pumpkins, going on pony and hay rides and having fun in the petting zoo and jumpy's. Had a pot luck picnic lunch before heading home. Both kids crashed on the ride back. Took me forever to clean up all the mud from everything from shoes to jackets to stroller tires but it was worth it.

My son (Pirate) with his buddy who is wearing a handmade spider costume by his mommy...

Trevor having fun with the pumpkins

Juliet the Tinker Bell... She had wings but it wasn't worth putting them on today...

My daughter and husband (don't they look alike?)


  1. LOVE the Tucker blouse....the sweater looks great with it!!!

    Super cute pics too....looks like a blast!!!

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  2. gorgeous tucker blouse! You wear orange very well, lucky girl. =)
    Your lil munchkins are TOO CUTE!!!

  3. Nice tucker blouse!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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