Friday, October 22, 2010

Purple Tights

FIRST, I am so happy that one of my fellow mommy bloggers, Natasha from Required to be Inspired has featured me in her blog. Please check it out. She also has a great blog and frequently posts DIY projects that are phenomenal plus an etsy shop to boot.

Now, moving on to the outfit... Don't you love it? Well, I do. Something about wearing purple tights and a sheer blouse and comfy boots and a cute hat.  I got my inspiration from another blogger I think can't remember exactly who wore shorts with a big floral (or sheer) top. I made this more my own by adding fun colored tights and a thin belt. Since there is some purple in the blouse I wanted to pick up on that and went with purple tights. I also wore sage green ankle socks that were suppose to peek from from the boots but they kept sliding down I guess since they are not visible in any of the photos. Obviously this would look very sexy if worn with just a (purple lace perhaps) bra. But as a mommy doing kid stuff with kids I was a good girl and wore an army green bra top tank underneath. I just got this hat the other day and love it. At night I tucked my entire hair in the hat (see concert photos). It is going to be a life saver on those bad hair days. I tried other cool colors but they just did not look good so I went with basic black. No accessories today just my huge statement ring in green.

My parents stopped by for 5 minutes to say 'hello' befor we headed out so my mom did my photo shoot today...

On Mom's Car...

Other than boots and hat everything is old...

Sheer floral top - Mango in Turkey
Cut off denim shorts - TJ Maxx
green tank top - Eddie Bauer
Purple tights - not sure from where
Double thin belt - Forever 21
Hat - Forever 21
Lace up boots - Steve Madden
Ring - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Fun fun fun day today. Morning was spent at the kid friendly mall for some playtime, then train ride, than kid concert, than lunch at food court with rides and watching ice skaters. Had daughter nap, son spend quiet time in stroller while I tried on some cosmetics. Afterwards more fun at the jumpy. Afternoon, hubby came early so we could attend a new decked out kid concert at our indooe play club. They made it like a real rock concert and had kids walk on red carpet, get photos taken and backstage passes etc... see photos below

So, I am used to standing out with my clothes, but anytime you switch from basic jean combos to shorts with boots or tights, skirts with leggings the stand out factor triples. But that is ok. Cause under the funky clothes I am just the same. Someone who is 100% mommy and all about kids, but you know in interesting clothes. :)

Here are the kids' entry photos. I tried to pick 'rocker chic' outfit for my daughter and a cool top for son...

Here I am dancing with Juliet during the concert (there is my socks!):

Mommy & Daughter:

My son laying on daddy's legs...

Kid Dancing...

Trevor balancing his glow stick on his nose....

Love this pose, too bad the color is off...



  1. Thank you for all your kind words about my blog...I was thrilled to feature you! It's so nice to show off how cool moms can be!

    Onto your outfit...this is my new favorite!! I love sheer blouses...I love purple with green...I love tights with shorts...and newly I love flat combat boots...I never wanted them so badly untill now..untill seeing this outfit...and thats the honest truth! I just like how unexpect they are...but comepletely perfect for the to convince the hubby that "yes I do need flat lace up boots" need being the key word..haha

  2. I love those boots!! I'm going to have to check them out.

    November Grey
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  3. Congrats on the feature hunnie...very cool!!

    I love Natasha too:) And I have to agree with her...this outfit is new newest FAV of yours!!! Great colors...texture...super cute hat!! Love it all....and those photos of your kiddos??? TOOOO cute!!!

    Enter my Tulle Giveaway♥

  4. Great outfit! I like the shirt, though it's already cold here to go out dressed like that

  5. This is really daring for a mommy. You carry it of really well.

  6. That top is so whimsical and fun!

  7. I love the purple! And I loved reading your feature on Natasha's blog. It's cool that you wear your outfits and do the kids stuff because that's what it should be about. Wearing it in public, not just for pics.
    I really enjoy seeing your outfits btw. :)

  8. love, love, love this outfit! and those boots!!!! and those purple tights!!! and the shirt!! all of it works together so beautifully!


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