Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maxed out on Ballet

Finally some true pink in my outfit for the October Challange. Now that maxi skirts are in I wanted to re-use my very old work skirt from years and years ago. It was actually hanging in my son's closet with those clothes I keep that I know will come back in style. It has huge side slits. Looks actually much better with heels but I needed flats for my day with kids. These lace up flat boots are cute actually. Bought them again years ago way before kids when I traveled a lot and needed an airport friendly pair.  They are not super tall so perfect to apply the peeking out sock look with just simple knee high socks. Tunic lenght ballet sweater is perfect to slim the skirt. I love this sweater and it is already showing wear cause I wear it so much during fall/winter months. I added the pink pashmina scarf that I was able to crinkly by keeping it twisted and knotted for months now. It accentuates the pink in the sweater. Added to that my favorite pink and rhinestone earings. I don't get to wear them often but love them.

More indoor photos in my living room. Oddly placed by the corner cause I couldn't find a good spot for the tripod without eliminiating the couch or table corners.


sorry horrible cropped photo of the earing. Totally forgot and realized after I already uploaded.

Ballet Sweater - Forever 21 (old)
Maxi skirt - Banana Republic (very old)
Black leather boots - I honestly don't remember where I got these and do not recognize the brand
Pashmina scarf - again not sure where I got this. It is old.
Earings - Juicy Couture (old)
Ring - gift from mom

Today's Activities: Wow leaving the house with no help sure is more stressfull and difficult. But still managed to get to preschool on time. Had to nap during the kids nap time. I am so exhausted. I stay up so late blogging and wake up super early with the kids and live on caffaine. I should go to bed now for example. When the kids woke up, somehow cooked dinner before leaving the house for the indoor play area. So nice to go there cause kids play independently and I can actually drink coffee and browse mgazines. Kids have so much fun there too. We came home to meet my sister. I was able to shower, and get ready for tomorrow while she entertained the kids.
Oh, so since I didn't post today I must mention that I did go to my mom's in the late afternoon and left the kids for couple hours before dinner to so I can do some discount shopping. She has a Kohls and Marshalls and a vintage store right by her house so I hit those. Scored some amazing buttery soft cognac colored leather pants at the thrift store. Plus a shawl and a plaid tie. Of course at Kohl's and Marshalls I mostly shopped for kids. I just can't help it. I did find a pair of tigh high lace trim pointelle socks for $3.99 by Jessica Simpson. They are dark camel colored. So when I got home and put the kids to bed I tried on some crazy outfits using the socks. And I mean crazy, mixing burgandy with pink, plaid with floral and shorts and tigh high socks. Given the craziness of the outfit I will probably wear it on a date with my husband. My poor husband but he is so supportive and can't wait to see what nickname he will come up with for that combo. Also, one more thing to add than I will go. I am so happy about my tucker blouse purchases from Target a few weeks ago. I definitely needed some interesting patterned blouses to use as a base. All my silk tops seem to be solid colors which worked for my conservative finance career but do little for my current outfit creations. OK, I am done now. Good night.


  1. That sweater is so cute and looks really nice with the scarf!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. LOVING your pink here...cute sweater..awesome boots doll!!!

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  3. I love the sweather of course but those earring look great with that and the green nail polish is a perfect compliment to all those pink and your ring. We should have taken a picture of Juliet tring her boots and looking them sideways to add to this day, it wa hilarious!! İ don t know if the skirt went well with it black tuelle skirt might have been a better choice with those boots or even shorter ones with pink stockings. Just a thought..

  4. Pairing the maxi skirt back to boots is so chic! Great post...

  5. Can't wait to see the crazy outfit combos!

    And this look is SO SO PERFECT. Seriously, I'm in love. Oh, and YES to indoor play areas. Coffee and magazines well the kidlit(s) play(s)? Yes please!

    heart: Kimberellie


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