Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prison break

Have to keep it short as it is very late and I am so behind in sleep. Gave the title cause the stripes remind me of prison uniforms. Not that they wear striped uniforms now or if they ever did, only in an Elivs movie.  Saw this striped shirt under a solid tee look in a magazine. I picked a sheer tee that is shorter than the tunic underneath so the stripes show through.  Like the slim look it creates with skinny jeans tucked in military calf high boots. Wore my chunky chain necklace long for a different effect. The huge onyx ring looks perfect with the outfit.

Not sure why today's shoot is alchol themed. Thought the brick wall in our bar area would look cool...

Here is the ring and green nail polish. Wanted to hold something to pose and thought what better than my favorite drink (patron silver)...

everything I wore today is old...

Striped top - from Turkey
black sheer tee - Bebe
skinny jeans - Forever 21
Military boots - Steve Madden
necklace - forever 21
ring - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Left super early (7:20 AM) had breakfast at a bagel shot and went to the Dr's for kids' flu shots. Hung out at Mom's since we were done early before swim class. Came back to mom's for lunch. I shopped in mom's closet and scored two awesome vintage fur jackets. She used to own a thrift shop in Turkey and these were left from the store. one is beige/camel color hit at the hip length jacket. The other is a crop cape in brown stripes. Both real but thrifted so I guess it is OK. Perfect for this season. After naps friend came over and we took the kids to music class followed by dinner at a pizza joint.

Killed time between music class and dinner by the shore. Beautiful spot (see photo below).

Also have to include a photo of my friend's daughter supporting this season's trend of faux fur vest:


  1. Looking good woman:) LOVE stripes!!

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  2. aw I've missed so many of your posts because of this move.. Sorry:( Love your outfit, that nail color stands out with a punch against the dark colors!
    Don't you love shopping mom's closet :D I shopped mine recently and found an awesome poncho from mexico! Oh the joy!! :D

  3. Loving the stripes and how cute are your kids?!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. More jail bait than jail break.
    Such a cute mom and daughter pic of your friend's.


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