Sunday, October 3, 2010

Black and White

I am totally lovin shorts with boots these days. Probably because I am a type of person who feels cold if my feet are bare. If I can wear socks and boots than my legs can be bare and I don't feel cold. So this style totally works for me. Plus it is current weather appropriate at least for here. When it gets colder I will just add some fun tights to these looks but I think I will be wearing a lot of shorts this fall/winter. So anyway, back to this outfit...I love the concept of black and white, the mixture of summer shorts with a flannel shirt. I could also worn this with white skinny jeans instead of the shorts. Of course as you can see these knee high boots never actually stay knee high. I tried to tighted the elastic in the back but didn't quite work. I need to find some chunky tigh high socks for that socks peeking out from boots look. May be those will help. The suede belt looks good with the boots but it is meant to be a over the hip kind of belt so looks a little off centered. The only accessory I added was my super simple leather string evil eye necklace (gift from my sister when I gave birth to my sister).

Flannel Shirt - Target (new)
White shorts - Target (old)
Suede boots - Steve Madden (last year)
Necklace - From Turkey

Today's Activities: 'Attempted' to check out the big parent connection swap meet but big mistake taking the kids to it. My son wanted to buy everything my daughter wanted to touch everything. They would scream and cry if I put them in the stroller. My in laws finally decided to entertain them on the side while I quickly browsed. So of course didn't really find anything in that stress and rush but did manage to get my daughter a handmade tutu of black and white with a super cute polka dot bow and a matching bow hair pin. I know I can learn how to make these tutus but I just don't have the time. We had a nice italian lunch somewhere near there before heading home for naps. After naps, my in laws took the kids to a park while I got my nails done. Such a luxury being able to do this. I chose a super cute green polish (you will see it in tomorrow's post I am sure). I then came home and cooked dinner while they entertained the kids. My mom stopped by and we skyped with my husband all together at night. It is so nice to have the extra help.


  1. Such a cute look. I love those boots. They are awesome.

  2. Cute boots....I LOVE socks with them too...I even put socks over tights, lol

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  3. ı love black and white and the boots are wonderful but can only be worn by those who has your legs;)! You are using the checkered style to the maximum heights.

  4. This is a good early fall outfit.:D

    Love how the boots fit you so well!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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