Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bohemian on Seal Beach

The weather was touch and go today but chilly even when sunny so this thick and chunky sweater was perfect. I got inspired by the following mini photo in Elle Magazine:

The page was actually depticting different ways to wear a peacoat but I just used the part of a long country skirt and a crop t-neck sweater. I found this sweater in my mom's 'not currently wearing' closet. Even though it is abit loose at the waist I hid it by wearing a tunic length tee under the crop sweater. The skirt has a lot of material. Feels really cool whe you walk and sit. I loved it.

Obviously I could have gone with black boots but thought these were unpredictable and looks cooler. This elephant charm necklace was a stocking stuffer gift from my mom. Love it with this outfit.

Watching the waves crash with my daugther... 

Crop t-neck winter sweater - Victoria's Secret Catalog (very very very old)
Tiered full skirt - Mom's
Boots - Via Spiga
Necklace - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Since the weather looked like it could rain we decided to do a low commitment activity which was to drive up a bit further from us to watch the seals that reside on a beach in our town. Kids love going there and there is even a thin 'sea walk' so you can walk very up close to the seals without bothering them. Afterwards we had lunch in the same town at a 'burger lounge' most expansive burgers I have ever had but the most amazing onion rings. Then home for naps. Stayed home in the afternoon so I can put away all the china, wash and iron tablecloth and napkins and do more laundry. Had leftoevers for dinner then baths and bedtime. Except a bit ago we had to run upstairs again as my son pucked the 3rd time. Afraid he has the same bug my husband had couple days ago. Hope my daughter and I don't get. He is currently sitting next to me now so we can keep an eye on him.

 Seal Beach in La Jolla (San Diego) CA

They lift their tails when the waves come to not get wet! 


My hubby watching the waves crash and tickling my daughter...

Walking on Sea Wall with daughter...

Seal Watching


  1. Love the outfit!!! You look so hippie chic.
    These picture made me miss SoCal so much. I used to drive down to San Diego all the time when I lived in Bakersfield. I miss the sun and warmth.

  2. I love how you took the outfit from the magazine and made it your own. That elephant necklace is great and you little girl is so adorable.

  3. This skirt has a whole new life with that sweater and neclace ! great looking İ would never thought of it... İ usually wore it with blue top and turquise accesories but this is very unpredictable. Pictures all look great fun outing with the family.

  4. That necklace your mama got you is SO sweet!

  5. You look adorable! Sounds like a great way to spend the day. Beautiful pictures.


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