Thursday, December 30, 2010

Deer Tee and finally blonde highlights

Interesting outfit I know. Our activities today required bundling up so I picked an outfit from the list that did just that. The inspiration came from the following Chictopia post:

This outfit reminded me of my tee with the deer on it which of course I haven't worn in ages. I was going to wear black tights but they were not thick enough so wore these ribbed super tick navy tights instead. They were pretty warm. If I wasn't going to a parade I would have worn my fur trimmed wedges but today called for uggs.

Here is the deer shirt underneath. I had to wear a long sleeve top under it so I wouldn't freeze when I took the jacket off indoors. 

Parka with fur trimmed hood - Guess
Snood - Thread Show
Deer Tee - Guess
Shorts and tights - Forever 21
Boots - Uggs

So, finally got my hair fixed today. He still didn't get it exactly the way I wanted but at least the colors are good. I wanted dark brown base with chunky very light blonde highlights. He did put blonde highlights today but they are somewhat all over not in chunks but that is fine. I can live with that.

Here is the photo of what I wanted:

Here is my hair after the fix:

Today's Activities: Woke up early to meet everyone at a diner downtown. Had a great breakfast while our friends held us a spot on the trade route and we got their breakfast to go. More friends met us there to watch the parade. The weather warmed up when the sun came out and we shed our coats and enjoyed all the balloons and the school bands. My husband took the kids home for naps while I got my hair fixed. Afterwards it took me close to an hour to order ribs for tomorrow's party. Cooked dinner and did laundry then left early to fit in a light grocery shopping before meeting my best friend for drinks and a movie. We saw Black Swan. Very interesting movie. The ending was perplexing. Tomorrow is going to be another super busy day of sledding with the kids then hosting a New Year's Eve party! If I don't get to post HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

Here are a couple of the balloon photos: 

Part of our group watching the parade (standing is my dad with  my daughter on his shoulders and my mom, sitting is my friend with her two boys, my son and my other friend's daughter who ran the 5K with mommy before the parade!):

Here is my attempt to take our photo: 

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  1. That deer shirt is too cute. It looks so warm there. I'm jealous :)
    As for Black Swan, yeah, that movie was weird. Good, but weird.


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