Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fedora and a maxi skirt and a visit from Santa

I really like this outfit. Although I didn't get many comments (may be the hat was too much) I really liked it myself. My inspiration came from this:

The key is the blouse has to be no collar type I think. And this Tucker for Target blouse was perfect. I think the flower design add a nice touch.
I rarely shop from Banana Republic. I know there are millions who love the store but for me it is a bit too conservative and 'classic'. I do however go in usually due to people I am with wanting to and I have occasionally found things on the sales rack. This skirt is one of them. I have worn it quite a lot for work when maxi skirts were in. It has been sitting in my guest closet for a few years now waiting to be in style once again. 

I first tried my flat leather black boots but just did not go under this skirt. Looked too stumpy. So out came my high heeled boots. I wish they were just an inch shorter so they would be a bit easier on my feet but I managed. Things we wouldn't do for style!

My mom bought this hat in France and wore it during her trip but never again after she came back. Last winter when I told her I was looking for one she gave it to me. This is the 2nd time I am wearing it. The first time I only wore it for my photos and chickened out to wear it during the day. I guess almost a year of blogging my fears are gone cause I wore it all day today!

In a rush to catch my husband to take my photos (it saves so much time than setting up the tripod) I had not put on my ring yet. So here is the ring holding my newly ordered coffee mug:

Here is a close up of the blouse, belt and the boots. Notice I wore burgandy tights underneath. The skirt has to big slits on both sides which make it easy to move in and my tights did show.


Blouse - Tucker for Target
Skirt - Banana Republic (very very old)
Boots - J Crew (again very old)
Belt - Forever 21
Hat - Mom's from France
Ring - black onyx from Turkey

Today's Activities: We had holiday potluck and a visit from Santa at our preschool today. They will be closed in the next two weeks so it was a nice last day. The 'santa' was very tall and when he came in he knealt by my daughter she freaked out. So of course she wouldn't sit on his lap but did say 'hi Santa' from the safety of my arms. So cute. In the afternoon we just stayed in so I can at least start and make some headway on my giftwrapping.

Here are the kids getting their book gifts from Santa which my son pointed out this is NOT the aladding toy set he specifically asked for. :)

Openning their books:

Class photo. My son is in the middle area and my daughter is on the teacher's lap:


  1. Look at your adorable little ones! I have that exact blouse and I haven't even worn it yet - yikes! Time to bust it out! Loving your coffee mug!

  2. How adorable!
    I love the hat and the way you styled the blouse - and the peek of burgundy tights is perfect!

  3. You look like just stepped out from a magazine again!! İ love the hat and the blouse . İ need to get my colorful tights out to wear with my outfits. Burgandy looks great with the black boots. İ tend to match the color to the boots since İ am short and want to elongate my legs.

  4. i think the outfit is adorable and i love your version of it...from the boots to the fedora. i'm still in need of a fedora. oh, btw, i'm in, it's always sunny. i'm usually wishing for a cold day so i can wear my coats and boots!!

  5. kids so cute as usual. I think Santa is bringing me that same Tucker for Target except mine is a dress ;)


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