Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mustard Cords

Very few photos today. I was running late and really did not have any more poses in me. Today is the debut of my mustard cords. I got these and the burgandy pair I have worn a few times at the same time from F21 for $14 each. The fit, the quality and the color just all too amazing for the price.

I had this combo in my list with a green LS top under this sheer halter. But it was too warm today and I wanted a light top under my layers so wore the halter on its own and topped it with a cardi instead. The halter top is super old purchse from Turkey. I am happy to be wearing it again and the mustard colored flowers totally match the pants.

Mustard Cords - Forever 21
Sheer halter top - From Turkey
Cardigan - Guess?
Flats - Enzo

Today's Activities: Preschool in the morning. Finished unpacking and laundry and more xmas projects during nap and in the afternoon. Accomplished some of this by taking the kids to the indoor play area. Ah, last night the final bulb in my closet burned out so I had absolutely no light. I was horrified. The bulb I bought was the wrong kind. So, today even though it was already nap time and the kids had not had lunch I had to go to Home Depot after preschool which was right across the street. Had to ask for help to find the exact bulb. Why would the previous owners install a fixture that requires such a unique bulb is beyond me. As soon as I put the kids down had to bring up the ladder and installed the bulbs and voila light again. Fashion blogger without a light in her closet is not a good thing!


  1. I really want a pair of cords....yours are fab:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spoil Me Fashion Jewelry Giveaway!!♥

  2. super cool pants! following hun xo


  3. Super, duper cute! Love the color of the cords and that top is perfect with them!!!

  4. I used to have a halter just like that. I gave it way after I had my first son. I miss it :(

  5. AAAHHH!!! that's what i did when i saw these pictures...i loooooove mustard colored anything.
    i'm so jealous that i can't fit into these pants right now! i love this whole outfit, you look great!

  6. I flat out love those cords! I have a bag that color that I wear ALL the time!

  7. Such a cute body whatever you wear babe.


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