Friday, December 17, 2010

Lace and Tulle Hem

I knew I wasn't going anywhere in particular today and mostly staying at home, so chose a cozy outfit as my house is always cold. My inspiration came from the following Anthropologie catalog photo:

What inspired me here is the idea of layering lace hem top under a babydoll style sweater. I immediately remembered my pink sweater. Bought this one during pregnancy as the cut is perfect and later used it to hide the baby fat. Now I hardly ever wear it cause I feel it almost makes me look pregnant but this idea inspired me to wear it again.

I actually looked for this base top with the sole purpose of using just the hem portion under other tops. So I looked for a top of some sort with a veyr pretty hem. It had to be long too so it would show under longer tops. Found it at Charlotte Russe one day. The photos did not capture it but it has a eyelet lace and a tulle hem. So pretty. And the perfect off white/linen color.

The problem was I had to adjust it a lot and everytime I ran from the tripod to my posing place it would move so that is why the photos do not capture it correctly.
I also decided to use a long big flowery necklace on top like in the photo. This peach flowery necklace was perfect except it was short. So added a simple thin chain on both ends to lengthen it for today. I think the peach totally compliments the nude heels which all kind of go with the burgandy and pink combo.

Pink babydoll sweater - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Lace hem linen tank top - Charlotte Russe
Burgandy skinny cords - Forever 21
Nude heels - Steve Madden
Necklace - Charlotte Russe

Today's Activities: I wore this outfit in the morning but minus the necklace and the heels since I decided to take the kids to a mini hike to get fresh air. Except it turned out to be colder than I was anticipating and really windy so we walked just a few minutes than turned around. At least I introduced the word 'hike' into my son's vocublary. We will go again on a bit warmer day. Since that was cut short took them out to lunch before coming back home. While they napped I wrapped gifts (mostly theirs) like crazy. I have set-up a 'gift wrapping' station on my formal dining room which I will have to totally clean-up for our party tomorrow night so I was rushing to get as much done as possible while everything was out. While gift wrapping I realized why not bring my newfond sense of style to my packages? I mean why do I see the need to totally match my ribbon color to my wrapping paper? I don't do that with my clothes. Therefore, I paired a black and white checkered ribbon with classic xmas colored paper and it looked great. I went on to add hot pink and black ribbon to other packages. They look unique. I am nuts about using fabric ribbons on gifts instead of bows or paper ribbons. They hold their shape better and look much better I think. So, I collect cheap ribbons through the year from dollar and craft stores as well as any ribbons that come with packages given to me. Have quite a collection of oddly sized ribbons in a box as a result.
After this gift wrapping frenzy when the kids woke up we did quick snack and went to the indoor play area. They had a lot of fun running around and a lot of dancing in the 'disco' room. Got home to cook dinner and after they went to bed my husband and I watched a netflix movie ('Lovely Bones') which was pretty gripping cause I got no blogging done until now. Must go to bed. It is so late.

Oh, here is my son as I was taking these shots in the afternoon showing how his hair is getting wet in the misty rain. Wanted me to photograph this... 


  1. Love the peek of lace - and that necklace is adorable!

  2. That peek of tulle is such a pretty touch!


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