Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flowers in November

I got inspiration for this outfit from the following photo in one of the summer issues of In Style. Given our summer weather figured I would break it out:

I adopted the 'white tee' with 'silky print mini' skirt and the 'long blazer' jacket with a 'broche'.

For day time I went with a silk flower pin and bare legs:

This Blazer jacket is another one of my business suit pieces from a long time ago. It is fitted and long and is perfect with the skirt. The skirt was exactly what I was looking for. It is flowy and mini, has a silky fabric and the print has colors that are going to be very easy to work with for layering in my fall wardrobe.

And here is the night version of this outfit. I swapped the silk flower pin for a vintage looking rhinestone one and had to wear pantyhose as it finally got chilly by late afternoon. I could have gone with thick tights but wanted to keep the summery look of this outfit.

I got this panty hose in Turkey. It is made for summer and is super sheer and feels great.

Here is a close-up of the pin. I bought this years ago when it was in style to wear pins on twinset cardigans. It is nice to wear it again.

And of course lets not forget my new collection of statement cuffs I have accumulated. I bought a few to create 3 different combinations depending on what I am wearing.

Blazer Jacket - part of a suit from Bebe
Silky flowery mini - Forever 21
White tee - Nordstrom rack (from the twilight movie collection)
Pins, Bracelets - Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe
Navy patent leather heels - Steven by Steve Madden

Today's Activities: Had an amazing today. My 3 mommy friends and I had booked a spa day month ago when all our husbands were traveling and we wanted something to look forward to. Met early in the morning at the Spa and sat in the steam room for an hour and chatted away as we sweat the toxins. Then we each had our treatments (them massages, me a facial). I like massages but I love facials more. They include a shoulder, arm/hand and scalp massage and plus my face gets a whole slew of treatments. Afterwards we sat in the relaxation room for a while and enjoyed the bliss. After showering and getting all dolled up we had a great lunch on the outside patio overlooking the bay.

Here are my georgous mommy friends:

My darling husband had the kids while I enjoyed this relaxing treat. He had grand plans to take both kids to the zoo by himself. Except he discovered by mistake I took both sets of our car keys and left him stranded at the house. He made do by walking to the park than my step dad came to rescue him (he has two car seats in his truck) and took them out to lunch and  a stroll on the beach boardwalk. When I got home he was in his room and she was napping. The house looked like a tornado had come through it but I didn't care. I took off my high heels and the bracelets. Swapped the mini for tights while I cleaned up everything. We played with the kids when they woke up and got dressed. I put back  the clothes plus the hose and we left for the family b-day dinner. It is both my husbands and my sister's birthday tomorrow. The dinner was very nice but short since we had the kids and as some of you know they don't last that long in a restaurant.

Here is my husband with the kids before we left:

And here is my sister and my husband:



  1. I love both versions of this outfit! This look would totally transition well into cooler weather (although it sounds like you're out of luck on that for awhile..haha)
    So jealous of your spa day!

  2. You all look adorable !A spa day is a great idea to chill with your friends.I love the shoes.

  3. What a great day! You and your friends look beautiful. I love the InStyle inspired outfit!

    You and your husband make a beautiful couple :)

  4. Your versions are SO MUCH BETTER than the mag's! I love how you could use your work jacket for it.

  5. Great blog.. LOVE YOUR SHOES, the bracelets are awesome too!

  6. A spa day with your friends is the best way to relax.
    All of you look too gorgeous to be mummies.

  7. You look adorable- this look is perfect on you!! Also, your kids are out of this world cute- you are SO lucky :)

  8. wow this post...I love your name's martina and I come from Italy...I would like you visit my blog and if you want...follow me!I wait you and your tips...kiss kiss ^^

  9. you look stunning!:) I love that skirt! I think the outfit is better withthe blue flower on your blazer:)

  10. You brought that inspiration photo to life perfectly!

  11. super look, j'adore la jupe avec le blazer, et les escarpins.
    Tu as une très jolie famille.

  12. sounds like you ladies had a great time. i'm wayyy overdue for a spa treatment. i love how you reinterpreted the look from a magazine and made it your own.


  13. Love that skirt! You did a great job transitioning it from one season to another.


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