Saturday, January 29, 2011

Color Explosion

So, this looked a lot cooler when I looked in the mirror today but now browsing the photos it might have been a 'bit' too colorful. Obviously too late to do anything about it.

This was the debut of the new mustard cord skirt and the fuschia tights. I do like the schiffon top over the skirt actually. It was also the perfect lightness for me to run around today.

Added simpe accessories since I was hosting a big party didn't want heavy earings or jingly bracelets that will be difficult to do dishes in etc... The feather earings were perfect. Not only do they look great but they are also, well, 'feather' light! Just one simple cuff was good.

I tried on 3-4 different belts and this was the winner. Touch of brown to compliment the shoes but thin enough to not be too matchy...

My mom came a bit earlier to help out and when we felt we were making great progress we decided to take the photos before things got crazy. She noticed these pretty flower in our neighbor's front yard across the street. So, we actually crossed the street to take the photos. I am glad the neighbors did not come out and wonder what the heck we were doing in front of their home!

Schiffon top & Cord mini skirt  - Anthropologie (bought at totally different times)
Fuschia tights & Cuff bracelet - Charlotte Russe
Double belt - Forever 21
Feather earings - Thread Show
Mary Jane Shoes - Blowfish (from Zappos)

Since she took my photos I snapped a photo of my mom:

Today's Activities: So, today was the big day of us hosting a co-ed baby shower for my brother and sister-in-law. I have before this one had hosted 1 all female and 2 co-ed baby showers in the past so was no rookie. However, never before have I hosted a baby shower where the majority of attendees were single guys in their 20s! Among the 25+ attendees no one other than us (and my parents) had kids! Knowing this we had plenty of beer for the boys and I made my very popular mixed drinks for the ladies. Had to make 2 additional batches as they were very very popular. To keep things fun we only picked only 3 games to play. One was a simple one to break the ice where they had to guess what the baby of each animal was called. When they saw the winner got a prize of a flavored vodka bottle they got competitive. We played the poopy diaper game which was priceless. If you have not heard of this before you melt different kinds of choclate candy bars in baby diapers in the microwave and have guests guess what candy bar it is. The photos of these guys smelling and licking diapers was hilarious. They said they will never look at choclate the same way! Knowing the gift openning part could get boring even for women that have babies I had them open gifts while serving cake so they had something to eat/do while watching the gifts. Plus had them play gift bingo to keep it more interesting. Once this was all done some left and with the raminning we played rounds and rounds of catch phrase, my brother's favorite game. They and my dad stayed after everyone left and we played disney sing it with the kids and had pizza for dinner. Great party and now can't wait for my little nephew to arrive sometime mid to late March!

The Happy Parents-to-be:

Group shot with me and Jon: 


  1. I don't think it is too much colour at all. The pink tights bring out the pink in the top. You look lovely.
    And I've had 2 kids and never had a baby shower! Yours sounded like so much fun. :)

  2. İ loved your outfit and the colors did compliment each other and looked very professionally put together. the last picture sitting down came out great with the right light. İ love your new camera. Great party and congrats for keeping 20 year olds interested and sitting down for a very long time!!!!!!

  3. I love the colourfulness of this..I think it's great because you left the shoes neutral

  4. i think it's fun. maybe just a plain shirt and some knee high brown boots for a "little less" color. but i think it's fun! love those shoes.


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