Friday, January 28, 2011

Pretty mixes

Aaah, I am back.... I truly loved this outfit.  Here is where I got my inspiration in Chictopia:

What attracted me about this was combining red and pink and use of tulle and a big statement belt.

Unfortunately the lighting was just horrible, horrible for these photos. We should have realized and moved inside or something. I am bummed cause the outfit was really great and the photos look terrible.

I got the inspiration to stack up necklaces from a Forever 21 wall photo in the store: 

I looked online and of course could not find that blue necklace to replicate this and was waiting to find something similar. But, then tonight first I put this new peach/pink pearly choker necklace on and had an idea that it might look over the rhinestone one like in the picture. And it sure did:

And of course I thought of the most amazing statement belt. This belt was part of my mom's wedding ensemble. Even at age 18 she wanted to be different and did not wear a classic wedding gown when she married my dad. Instead she chose a couture Turkish designer that created a classic old Turkish wedding outfit. She had given the outfit to me but I didn't realize had not given the belt. But she was nice enough to give that too so I can use it for this outfit.

My husband was worried it would stab me in the stomach if I sat down and of course it did not.

My candy apple red and bright shoes definitely made a statement:

The rest of the photos are horrible...

Tulle Skirt & Necklaces - Forever 21
Silk Pink Blouse - Ann Taylor
Cream Fishnets - Nordstrom Rack
Red Patent leather heels - Stuart Weitzman
Belt - Vintage

Thursday's Activities: It was an exciting swim lesson as my daughter did majority of the class on her own without me going in the pool and since she did so good she will be graduating to the next level which means I will remain dry during lesssons. (See photos below).... After swim we had the dilemma of lunch and grocery shopping. The problem is it is such a hassle to get the kids out of the car for lunch then re-load and drive to grocery and unload re-load etc... So this time found a drive-thru mexican place and got our food without getting of the car. Thank goodness Vons had tables in front so we parked and ate there then grocery shopped for the big baby shower we are hosting this Saturday. Again it took forever for me to unload everything when we get to the car. And people ask me what I do for exercise to stay thin. If they can just record my normal day they will see it involves constant high level cardio combined with challanging weight lifting of kids, double stroller, groceries, bags and bags. After naps we went to the music class and my sister came to join us. At home my brother and his wife came to take over the kids so my husband and I can go out on a date  night. Hence my outfit. Had an amazing and very very long steak dinner. It was so nice to have a conversation without interruptions and not chow down our food.

Again really bad lighting but here we are before leaving for our date:

Here is my daughter in her first solo swim lesson:

My son swimming to his instructor in the other lane:
 And she is under:


  1. Wow, you look so pretty! Killer shoes!

  2. You look beautiful.
    I love the last photo of you sitting down.

  3. So pretty! I love the pink and red together!

  4. Love the outfit and you look like a princess in it. You just needed to wear the belt upside down so it will stay well in the center and won't have to worry about stabbing you:) Such an antique with 200 year old history and a personal memory!!!Take good care of it.Jonathan' outfit is very nice and complimenting yours İ wanted to comment...


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