Friday, January 28, 2011

Last Minute Glam

As you all know by now I keep a very detailed spreadsheet for outfit ideas. That is mainly due to the fact that I rarely rarely have time to spend picking out an outfit in the morning. Which was why I had resorted back to yoga pants and sweatshirts and uggs for almost a year when I had my kids hence the whole point of me starting this blog. Anyway this was one of those rare occasions where I actually put together the outfit on the fly...

I am also half cheating. I wore this outfit yesterday afternoon for only couple hours and today. I knew I was going to wear a killer outfit at night so I didn't really care what I wore in the afternoon. I grabbed this tee which I got on clearance from JCrew for $6 (retailed at $45) then I added the animal print cardi I am barrowing from my mom and couldn't resist adding the necklace. Still wanted to be comfy and pulled on my boot cuts to give the skinnies a break.

For a bit difference wore my mary janes with glittler gold ankle socks!

Animal print cardigan - Forever 21
Sequined Tee - J Crew
Bootcut Jeans - Citizens of Humanity
Bib necklace - Forever 21
Mary Janes - Blowfish from Zappos
Glitter ankle socks - Forever 21

Today's Activities: It was a day of running errands to get ready for tomorrow. Ordered balloons for the shower and for my daughter's b-day which is the following week. Hit Target for some last minute stuff. My mom came with us to these stores to entertain the kids and realized how hard it is to shop with them. After naps I managed to keep the kids indoors as I cooked two salads, did laundry, ironning and wrapped gifts. During this time of course they demolished the house so then we spent time picking toys up. My dad came to take over and I got my nails done. Funny I used to get a mani/pedi every 2 weeks once upon a time. Nowadays it is a miracle if I can make it once a month. While we gave the kids a bath and put them to bed my dad prepared the shower favors then him and I put most of the decorations up so that is a relief to get all that done. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I still don't know what to wear. The weather which has been spring warm is forecasted to cool so may be can go back to a fall outfit. Have to wait and see. Forecasts in San Diego can't be trusted.

 Dressed my daughter preppy yesterday and of course she was posing for me: 

Here is the full image of the the top photo. Loving the kids getting in the mix... 

Look at her! This is in the afternoon before we went out yesterday. She picked her ariel sunglasses! 


  1. So simple but so chic! I love how you dressed up basic pieces. :)

  2. Love that cardy and necklace together...And your little lady is rockin' her sunnies!

  3. İ love the cardigan with flower necklace and again something i would not think of wearing together but looks great:) The kids look wonderfully colorful as well..

  4. Adore everything about this look - that necklace is to die for!!!!


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