Monday, March 21, 2011

BLUE DAY - a day late

Hi There! Sorry missed a day, both kids are sick and we are not doing so great either. So we didn't get dressed at all yesterday. Today was not much better but I had to get a post out as I don't want to be 2 days behind in the challange.
This outfit by the way somewhat looked better in reality than in photos. 

I got the idea of adding pearls over a button down from Bee in Atlantic Pacific. This trench belongs to my mom. She leaves it a my house so she has a jacket if she needs to I guess. Actually I don't know why it is in my coat closet but I do use it occasionally too. Today was rainning so it was perfect.

I thought this sparkly fedora would be perfect. I had no time to style my hair or put make-up on so the hat was good to hide it all.

My mom took these photos across the street from my house since my side of the street had trash cans lined up as it is trash day.

Black Trench Coat - Mom's
Blue button down - Victoria's Secret
Skinny cargo pants - Target
Oxfords - Forever 21
Pearl and gold chain necklaces - Mom's as well
Long pearl necklace - mine but not sure where I got it...
Hat - from a vendor during wine tasting

Today's Activities: My son was up on and off all night long with upset stomach and a horrible cough. Ended up sending my husband to the guest bedroom so he can get some sleep and took my son in bed with me. You know he was sick cause he kept saying 'hug me'. He is usually not a cuddly kid. Woke up feeling horrible. I called the Dr's office as soon as they opened and got a 9:30 AM appt. Thank goodness my mom was not working and met me there to help. It was very fortunate cause afterwards it was pouring rain and she picked up the perscriptions and I took the kids home. Imagine if I had to take out 2 sick fevery kids out in pouring rain, wait in line at the drug store than come back out. That would have been awful.
My mom stayed the whole day so we can entertain the kids. After pain releivers they did feel a bit better.
The good thing with staying home and having help is I finished 3 loads of laundry, paid all the bills and picked up. I sure hope they feel better tomorrow. My daughter has an ear infection and my son has chest congestion they are both on antibiotics.


  1. sorry to hear the kids are sick. my son has a bad cough and runny nose right now, too! plus a left over eye infection! hate the school germs! love the fedora. they seriously go with evvrything! and i keep mine in the car just for those bad hair days!

  2. Great ! makes me think to the blues brothers !!

  3. Those Oxfords and the pants look great together .... oh and that necklace is is beautiful.
    Hope the kids feel better today. There is definitely 'something' in the air.
    we were sick last week.

  4. i hope your kids feel better soon. you look like a super cool mom in your outfit :)

  5. Oh no...We went through that this weekend. I hope your munchkins are on the mend asap!

  6. you look so chic in this outfit!
    love the hat so much!!
    hope your children will get well soon

    little miss fhenny

  7. Lovely outfit (the necklace is beautiful!). Hope the kids feel better <3

  8. This challenge looks really cool! Love the accessories!


  9. UGH I feel your pain!!! Hope you all feel better soon!!

  10. You are 2 days behind. I am 0 days behind. Yet I am days behind in posting. It all works out.

  11. This look is very-very cute on you!

  12. Hope everyone feels better soon - we are dealing with runny noses from all the pollen here and it makes some nights seem endless with the waking up from coughing and sneezing. I love this outfit - great!


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