Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well, here is purple for you! I usually do not like to be matchy matchy but couldn't resist overplaying the purple by going both top and tights in the same color.

I usually can't pull off a mini with the kids but these tights are so thick they are practically leggings, so it worked.

Added the zebra print shrug as I love the combo of black and white and purple together. This huge purple purse is a thrift find by my mom. I was going to use it as a diaper bag but it is actually bigger than I need. Currently I use it for an overnight bag or a very cute gym bag etc... It is huge.

How do you like my giant necklace? This was a F21 online purchase. Should have paid attention to the picture with the ruler that tells you the size. I just assumed it was smaller than this. But somehow it kind of works with this outfit. The top has some graphics on it in silver too.
These grey patent leather boots are almost 5 years old. I usually wear them under pants so you never get to see them completely.

Forgot to zoom in on my new headband. It is silver leaves over black. Looks really cool but it was giving me a headache after couple hours. I need to loosen it a bit.
Oh and a disclaimer: I did swap the booties for uggs majority of the day...

Purple Top & Booties - From Turkey
Zebra Shrug - Express thrifted
Denim mini & tights - can't remember
Purse - thrifted
Headband and Necklace - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Well, the good news is kids were feeling 90% better this morning. They had a solid night sleep and as a result so did we. But I still didn't think they were ready to handle a 3 hour outdoor class/activity so we were going to stay home but my son literally made a case as to how he was feeling great and that we totally could go somewhere but he just wasn't sure where and so I should pick it. I had to laugh. So we went to the indoor play area. They had a great time. They both took solid naps too so definitely we have turned around the corner I think. In the afternoon we did stay home. I was willing to take them to the park but they didn't they (well really my son) didn't think that was fun enough. Instead they played with my extra make up brushes dipping them in bowls of water and 'painting' the shower and the tub. They were getting soaked but having so much fun so I let them for a while. We had a nice dinner with my dad at night.

Oh on a side note, so while they were napping I was trying on these new sandals I am trying to decide on and instead started styling this super cute mustard dress I have from ruche.com. Since blogging it seems I am literally unable to just wear the dress on its own. I feel like I am not fully dressed if I don't layer or style. So I was on a roll. Created 4 different outfits with the same dress. Very excited about them.

Tomorrow might be a big day. My sister-in-law might get induced and might give birth to my nephew. I am just so excited for them. I have arranged my mom to cake over the kids shortly after preschool so I can go direct to the hospital. Lets see what happens. If I don't post you will know why...


  1. I love the zebra cardigan. So cute. I don't have any nieces or nephews (yet) but I'm working on bugging my sister until I get one. :) Hope everything goes well for your SIL.

  2. Everyday you have lovely look!!!This one is gorgeous, I am in love with purple color and your boots are amazing!

  3. I'm really impressed. I have been loving the purple day but this is the bomb.

  4. I hope you know the bomb is totally awesome.

  5. I love the double dose of purple and the zebra cardigan really makes the outfit!

    So glad everyone is feeling better! Can't wait to hear the good news about your nephew!

  6. I am adoring your outfit... absolutely loving it! Your Shrug is completing the outfit in such a perfect way.
    Great look.


  7. Love this outfit! It gets extra points being purple, my favorite color;)

  8. Lovely tights!

  9. You gotta love F21 accessories!

  10. the pueple color with the zebra print is so cute. and Forever 21 has some of the cheapest and best accessories!

  11. very good combination, perfect!!

  12. I love this look!! The purple and zebra print has a total 80's vibe to it and I love it! Good luck to your sis-in-law tomorrow! =)

  13. cute...i love that you wore gray boots instead of black. ooh, so did the nephew arrive??!!


  14. Hey, This is my kind of outfit complete with matching colors and my favorite print cardigan! Looks wonderful and comfortable at the same time. Love the tone of purple too. Your hair şs also looking very pretty with that head band!

  15. Oh wow do I love the purple tights. and I love the matchy matchy of the tights plus shirt. way to rock it.


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