Wednesday, March 23, 2011


First, I want to welcome to all the new followers I have been getting lately. I know I don't pulicly announce in my blogs as I personally try to visit each and everyone that comments or follows my blog but I want to let you all know now how much I appreciate you all. It just makes this whole blogging experience so much more fun and meanningful to have your support and your views and comments. I have been enjoying building new friendships with people who live thousands of miles away through this experience more than I can explain. So, welcome and thank you...

Back to today's outfit. Today is the last day of the Color Rotation Challange which is 'Pattern Day' and I am going with stripes. If I remember I will do a recap tomorrow. The inspiration for this simple outfit came from the following: 

I mean I have all these pieces so why not and the whole outfit looked so comfy which is perfect with kids. I decided to not tuck my top and instead pull it all the way down though... 

For accessories I layered 3 different (somewhat forgatton) silver chain necklaces. I remember back when I wore these so frequently. One at a time of course. With the comeback of longer and chunkier ones these haven't been touched in ages.
I also layered 2 simple chain bracelets over my watch to match... 

So, I was trying to pose like the actress in the inspiration photo but realized it looks somewhat stupid without having another person in front of you and turned around. Still stupid but oh well... 

These photos were taken in the play yard of our preschool by my mom.... 

Striped tunic top - From Turkey
Black Cardigan - La Redoute Catalog
Red Pants - super old I am sure a F21 purchase.
Loafers - Via Spiga
3 Necklaces - Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor and handmade by my aunt
Bracelets - both Tiffany's
Watch - Bulova

Today's Activities: So no nephew today. My SIL and brother were sent back home (according to news I got from my Dad) to wait out another week. Yikes. I just can't imagine.
Before knowing this of course, thinking I would be rushing to the hospital right after school I packed like crazy in the morning. It was our turn to serve snack today so had to wash and pack cucambers, cheese and cracker chips in one bag. Than made lunch in another. Then packed an overnight bag for the kids for my mom's house just in case. A lot of packing and we had to get to school on time since whoever brings snack becomes 'teacher's helper' that day which means my Son has to be there on time to ring the bell.
Which is why the photos were taken at the school. My mom luckily could join us and that was HUGE help.
Everyone enjoyed our snack. Even tough I wasn't going to the hospital the kids were too excited already to go over to grandma and grandpa's house so my mom took them anyway.
I should have and could have gone to the gym but I was so enjoying some quiet time at home that I didn't get motivated enough to leave. I did play dress up again just to style this one new skirt I got from F21. It is see through schiffon in animal print. Came with attached shorts in lining material so you can wear them as is. I browsed polyvore for some ideas at first than managed came up with 7 very different outfits with the skirt. I am very proud of them. I feel once I wear all of them I should do a collage.
Went to dinner at my mom's to have dinner with them and the kids. 

Here are kids leading the pledge of allegiance... 

 Announcing each snack item we brought than asking who likes xxx which is why my daughter is raising her hand to indicate she likes cheese!  

More snack announcements...

My mom outside with the kids by the sand table... 


  1. Yay! You wore stripes too! And yes, I named my outfit after San Diego... my husband and I love going down there since it's only a few hours away and you guys have so many breweries!!!

    LOVE this outfit. Looks so cute and comfy too. Definitely something I would wear. Especially love the red pants!

  2. Love red pants combined with black&white stripy sweater!!!Once again great look ;)!

  3. again, red + white + black...always striking. the addition of stripes is a plus, too! love those via spiga shoes. used to love that brand! so i still haven't gotten any gel inserts for my shoes i carried them in my bag and changed into them just for the photos!

  4. oh, and i had to run an errand for work today, so i took the photos while i was out. my daughter is on spring break and happened to come to work with me i had a photographer!

  5. Sometimes I feel apart from todays fashion. I could do the outfit today, in my own way. But not as well as you did it.

  6. Awww your kids are adorable!! I really like how your outfit looks comfy and casual, yet still totally pulled together.

    Thanks for your suggestions on my blog! I'll definitely work on that. I've been trying to think of ways to make it better, so I really appreciate the help!

  7. Those pants are fantastic - they have such a great drape and are so flattering on you! The stripes give it a nice nautical feel. :)

  8. Wow great job copying the look from your inspiration picture, it looks great! Those pants hang beautifully on you.

  9. You do great outfits .... this one looks very comfortable, yet dressy and I am adoring your cardigan, and also you mom's booties.

  10. This looks so cute and comfy:)

  11. This is SOOOOO coool, love the reproduction

  12. I love a simple striped top and you made it work in this outfit! xo style, she wrote

  13. Nice job finishing round 1. I like shirt untucked better than shirt tucked in. I may "steal" this same exact outfit. My red pants are a little snug but if I wear my long black cardigan nobody will ever know (except now I said it)

    Link up your round 1 post (that you may or may not make later) or link your favorite outfit up from round 1:

  14. You look wonderful, and I just had to smile at the photo where you were posing in the same way as the inspiration photo. So cute! :)

    The Cat Hag

  15. Very cool and comfy outfit!
    and I can't believe your Mom is just like your twin sister!
    She's beautiful!

  16. I like the necklace very much!! hope you have a great weekend hun :)

  17. Good interpretation of that outfit. I love that you did the same pose as the inspiration photo!!

    My girls are 3 and 8-months. It IS fun to find other mommies navigating fashion. :)

  18. love how you styled those great red the outfit!
    Your kiddos are so adorable!

  19. Black and white stripes paired with red is definitely one of my favorite combos!

  20. Love this outfit - adore the pants!

  21. I wore a copycat of this outfit today. I didn't blog about it yet, but will.


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