Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Eventful Thursday

This was my outfit on Thursday, March 24th. Oh, the day that started all normal and regular like any other day. Amazing how everything unraveled after that so quickly... But the inspiration had come from the following chictopia post

Yes, I know her sweatshirt looks cooler cropped and the black and white loafers go better.  

The only 'crop' sweatshirt I had that was similar is my super cute girl swinging in the snow print one. It does the job I think.  

I went beyond the child proof fence around the pool to get the other side of my yard to take these photos 

Attempts at a 'walking' photo... 

Leather Jacket - Wet Seal
Sweatshirt - Forever 21
Cargo Pants - JCrew
Loafers - Via Spiga
Belt - Ralph Lauren

Well as I told my story in this post you know how we went from a normal Thursday afternoon to everything happenning all at once.

Naval Hospital where it all started on Thursday around 1 PM... 

Giving love and support to my SIL with my brother and father... I switched the leather jacket for the big and baggy black cardigan I had barrowed from my mom the other day before heading to the hospital. Knowing we would be there for hours I wanted something comfy...

And Here is me after I sat on an entire bar of choclate which melted right into my bottom! SIL was still in labor so not risking going home to change... Lovely right? Remind you of something? What is worse was this was the outfit I was stuck in for 17 hours after getting hospitilized myself....

And my ear rapidly growing in size, turning red in color and starting to hurt like there is no tomorrow...
I check into the ER of a close by hospital and the black writings are  where they marked the swelling to observe its progress. When it kept passing those lines I got hospitlized!

Now I am in the hospital. My lovely nurse over-writes the 'no kids under the age of 16' rule and allows my kids to visit on Saturday. My daughter requests milk like she is at a restaurant and nurse bring her one. My son is lining up her princess set on my bed rail... 

My nephew was born on Friday morning (5 hours after I left for ER). He is so adorable... 

My brother: The Proud Dad 

My Dad: Proud Grandpa 

It fills me with joy to see these but kills me that I am only seeing him in photos. Hopefully I am getting discharged tonight and can see him tomorrow...


  1. My prayers are with you lady! I hope you're on the mend asap!

  2. Holy cow, Daphne! What in the world?!

    I'm so sorry you couldn't be there and even MORE sorry that it's because you landed yourself in the hospital! I really hope you're able to get discharged sooner rather than later and that you're feeling all better!

  3. Looks like a very eventful day indeed! Great biker jacket. xo style, she wrote

  4. Congrats on the nephew!!! Sucks that you're in the hospital, hope you get better and get to go home soon!

  5. İ am so happy that finally you are home looking normal. This outfit looks very cool and İ remember the day we bought that jacket!

  6. you rocks ! love your perfecto !

  7. omg, did i miss something?? hope everything is ok! congrats on the nephew, though! never would have thought to mix khakis with the sweatshirt or the leather! love how it came together! wishing you well.

  8. i hope you get better soon dear! wishing you well and your cute family...xoxo

  9. Hope your feeling better! Love the jacket!

  10. Your nephew is so cute! congratulations, again.
    As per your ear ... ouuuchhh: it looks painful. I do hope you are feeling better by now.
    Nice outfit but your cargo pants (yes, the ones you stained with chocolate) and your jacket are beautiful.
    I have wet Seal jackets that I bough years ago and love them!

  11. oh my! what a crazy way to start a weekend indeed! I hope you're feeling better.
    your nephew is SO cute, I've never seen a new baby with that blonde hair before! so sweet!

  12. I am SO sorry to hear about your hospitalization! I am sure that is scary for you and kiddos. I hope you are on the mend!

    Love your leather jacket, though.

  13. OMG, how scary! Hope your ear feels better soon.

    You look adorable. Love the jacket and how you style it after something that has inspired you!

  14. that's a lovely leather jacket!
    apart from that i really hope you will get well soon!
    and congreatulations for your new nephew!


  15. Oh my gosh, are you feeling better?
    Congrats on the new nephew but boo that you ended up in the ER.
    I hope you are feeling better.

  16. Oh. My. Gosh. I hope you're feeling better. I feel bad for laughing at that chocolate stain but I've done things like that before! And the fact that you had to be stuck in the pants for so long - awful.

    Congratulations on your new nephew!


  17. Hi Daphne!

    Hope you're feeling better. Just wanted to let you know I awarded you a "stylish blogger award." I know you've already received one before, but I do really love your fashion sense.


  18. I hope you are feeling better!

    Congrats on the nephew!


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