Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meeting George

I really liked this outfit I wore on Monday. Wanted to make a strong comeback after spending 3 days in a hospital gown. I made friends with my nurses and they were checking out my blog and kept kidding about how I should style the gown. :)

My inspiraiton for this outfit came from the following chictopia post: 

So, if you look closely you can totally tell how the right side of my face is still very puffy compared to left. It gets better everyday though.  I love the colors of brown and black with the mustard cords. The thing with the color 'mustard' is it looks cool whatever you pair it with. I am adding more and more mustard to my closet lately it seems... 

The black silk shirt I wore under the vest is very old and I think from my mom's closet.

 Black on black doesn't show, but added the black leather fringe necklace just for texture.  These boots are from F21 and they look so cool, don't they? They were more bought for summer to wear under dresses but worked here as well...
The triple chain covered black belt is a purchase from Turkey. Looks cool with the boots...

I cut off the rest of my face because close-up the puffiness was way too visible and not good... But here is my what I call 'floppy fedora'. Just looks cool with everything...

Hat, Pants, Boots - Forever 21
Silk blouse - vintage
Faux Fur vest - Kenar (from Marshall's)
Necklace - Bebe


Before I forget there is a cute new challange hosted by the lovely ladies at Two Birds called 'Inspiration Monday' It is on Monday, April 4th. The inspiration photo can be seen in this link. I will be participating if you want to join in...

Back to Activites...
MONDAY's ACTIVITIES: Took the kids to Preschool. Was going to nap during their nap but remembered I had scheduled a contractor to come and bid on our backyard so couldn't sleep. My mom came in the afternoon so I can finally go meet my nephew. They had already been discharged that day so went to visit them at their home. Finally convinced them that I wasn't there to 'visit' but to 'help' and they let me. It was so amazing to meet and hold him. He is the cutest (and the blondest) newborn. After helping them unpack and get settled and break their new pump I also showed how to take shifts. Stayed until close to 1 AM. Hence the no blog post...
Since the visit was to help them didn't even take that many photos. I took one when his grammie was holding him:

On my way home I had to get gas at 1 AM and my are the prices going up... Anyone with higher prices? 


  1. Great outfit. Mustard is definitely one of those cool colors that makes an outfit stand out.

  2. The outfit is so cool, but I am loving the pants (Adore that color) and those boots, they are amazing!
    Your nephew is the sweetest, he looks like an angel on Grandma's arms :)
    On the gas ... I was upset because last Friday i paid $3.59 and yesterday $3.65 .... I guess I have nothing to complain about, right?


  3. Love this, especially the pants! :)

  4. Oh my goodnes, those gas prices are HIGH!! That's crazy. Where I'm at in Florida, they're still around 3.37.

    Love those pants! I'm glad you're out of the hospital and feeling better!

  5. Love the retro feel of this outfit.
    Happy to hear that you are no longer in the hospital.
    Sadly, our gas prices are about the same:(
    No More Sweatpants

  6. ohhh nice outfit, I love the hat and your shoes!

  7. İ love this mustard with black . İ just ordered a mustard skirt from F21! love the hat and fur vest with it as well. İ was looking around in my closet at 12:00 pm to pair my things:) That black shirt was your grandfathers tuxedo shirt when he was super thin!

  8. I'm glad your up and about! I looove the mustard pants. I should keep my eyes open for something in that color.


  9. love the yellow pants! i'm looking for some green ones! our gass prices are about the same...some of the other islands have hit $5. totally insane!


  10. SOO glad you are home and on the mend!!! You look absolutely fantastic! You're right - that hat does look good with everything. :)


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