Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nude Heels

This is what I wore yesterday. I am kind of combining today and yesterday into one post cause that is all I have the energy for at this point. The inspiration photo below actually inspired me to create 3 different combo's that included pants, shirt, sweater and a bib necklace. This is one of them... 
Photo is from JCrew's fall catalog. I seem to always get a lot of ideas from JCrew's looks.

The brown capri's are a recent purchase from Forever 21 for spring and so is this lightweight light grey crop sweater. I use them both in so so many combo's in my spring/summer list. 

The silk flower bib necklace went great with these colors and complimented blush/nude heels.

The shirt under the sweater has super cute details. I always forget to take photos of this stuff if you can't see them in the outfit. The shirt has lace inserts that are very pretty. 
I truly love these nude heels. After trying on so many pairs I feel these really match my skin tone and give that 'barely there' look I wanted. Of course they are totally unrealistic for my crazy day with the kids so comes out the rugged flat boots instead: 

Crop Sweater, Capri Pants - Forever 21
Blouse - Guess
Necklace - Charlotte Russe
Nude Heels or the Rugged Boots both from - Steve Madden

Wed & Thu Activities: It has been quiet busy. We ditched preschool on Wednesday so we can run errands and get caught up. After naps family friend came to take over the kids so I can go to my brother and SIL's house to help out. Anytime I miss a post, know that I am probably hanging out with this dude: 

After coming home close to midnight only to wake up to my daughter total blow out diaper the day (which is now Thursday - today) took on... We had to get everyone ready and dressed, lunches packed and out of the house by 9 AM. It was preschool field trip day to Legoland. This is the one park we do not have passes too and the preschool got a great deal so it was perfect. We hung out with different friends at different times. Managed to get my daughter to nap in the stroller for a little while but not enough for her to feel rested. My son at the end of the day was exhaused and so was I. I realize the 'nap time' is not just down time for the kids but for me too. And when we skip nap time I feel so much more tired. I guess walking and standing all day long while pushing a double stroller and running after kids in 85 degree heat might also have soemthing to do with my tiredness. We got home literally 15 minutes before the contractor I had scheduled to give a bid on the backyard arrived. Just as he left my hero my dad showed up. I immediately tasked him with giving the kids a much much needed early bath while I cooked dinner. I even sneaked in a shower myself and a load of laundry. Will be going to bed early tonight (if you call 11:30 PM early) as I am about the collapse. Hope I can catch up more tomorrow...

Legoland's new Star Wars sand Sculpture... 

Please notice how my son is sitting next to me in the back while my daughter is in the front by herself and she raised her hands everytime the plane went up...
And also notice that was my outfit today. I had a very cute argyle sweater on top in the morning. The reason I didn't take photos: 1. had no time, 2. I have already worn this outfit last year...

Check out our shoes. Total coincidence. My son's high top converses have grinch on the sides...

And here is my crazy monkey... 

The tutu's never stop her... 

Taking a snack break with friend Nanami... 



  2. Your new little nephew is precious! Congratulations!!

  3. I love, love LOVE this outfit! I'm on a mission for those pants now!

  4. I was instantly attracted to your necklace .... is very cute and also different wit out the typical 'heaviness' of statement jewelry, it looks soft. I adore your shoes and the 'twist' (rolling up pants) you did to the original look.
    Legoland looks like so much fun, is it there where they did a Buckingham Palace copy, including Kate, of course, and the queen? ... that shoe picture is adorable.

  5. I absolutely love this outfit...the floral shirt is perfect peeking out of the sweater...and totally love the necklace!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  6. I LOVE this outfit - those heels are perfect with the pants! Your new little nephew is adorable!!!

  7. İ love the nude heel with jeans and the flower necklace is sooo cute. <i love the trio shoe picture should be blown out and framed! Baby George is as cute as a baby can get!!!!

  8. What a lovely lovely little baby !!! I love your nude shoes, and the print of your shirt !


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