Sunday, March 6, 2011


This was my outfit for our big wine tasting trip with the girls. I got the inspiration from the following tiny photo:

When I first cut out this photo I didn't own animal print booties but figured I would want a pair and when I did own one this would be a good outfit. I realize this has been the week of animal print booties...

These photos were taken on the back yard of the house we rented for the weekend. It was 12 acres of land surrounding the house. Beautiful views...

I tried 3 different blazers with the outfit. The boyfriend blazer was too boxy and baggy, the crop blazer definitely did not go. This long slim fitting suit blazer was perfect. Just a hair above the short shorts and slimming at the waist.

These shorts have a bit of sheen over the wool tweed material and are trimmed in black leather. I added a belt to keep them in place and 'tried' the half tucked look with the schiffon blouse but it was hard. It was too racey on its own so added a nude colored cami underneath the blouse. Since my blouse does not have a tie I added the white scarf to give the same look as the inspiration photo.

Saturday weather was just perfect. It was in high 70s, low 80s. Perfect day to wear shorts. The schiffon blouse was LS but since it was sheer it worked out perfectly.

Blazer Jacket - part of a Bebe suit
Shorts - Bebe
Schiffon blouse - Mom's
Cami and scarf - from Turkey
Animal print wedge booties - Forever 21

Saturday's Activities: After playing cards and having coctails the night before some of us enjoyed sleeping in while others when on an early brisk morning hike. That was the beauty of renting a house vs. hotel rooms. We each get to do our own thing and still be together. Had bagels and coffee overlooking this beautiful view on the back patio. It was already warm and sunny. Once our other two friends got there we all got ready and started our wine tasting tour. We hit 8 wineries at a very nice pace. Most of the time we split tastings doing 3 tastings for 6 of us. And towards the end we started getting just 2 tastings for all 6 of us. This allowed us to keep tasting wines without getting totally drunk. It was so fun. Mid day we had lunch on the patio of one of the wineries while contuing tasting. We each bought a bottle or two of our favorite wines. And I even scored two great hats from a lady who was selling them in front of one of the wineries. Leave it to me to get some shopping in!
We came home for a bit of rest. I took a 30 minute power nap even. We then went to another winery for dinner. The weather had cooled off quite a bit and it was only outdoor seating so I was so happy I had a thick coat on and had switched to pants. The restaurant only served organic and freshly grown food it was amazing. We then came home and played cards again until very late. Great great day!

One of my best friends coming into my morning photo shoot:

My first collage creation:

Wine Tasting as a group at one of the wineries... 

Cool artistic photo (my friend's idea)...

Using those twisty portable tripods which somewhat slid to get this lopsided photo:

My Hat Purchases:

Our transportation: 

At Dinner


  1. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time with your girlfriends! I'm sure it's a much deserved vacation away from the kiddos (though I'll admit I always miss them after about the first day).

    You look fantastic! I LOVE the shorts with those cute animal print heels. And the blazer is fantastic! You look great.

  2. BTW, I'm officially a "follower!" Very excited, since we do a lot of similar stuff. My girls are 3.5 and 1 (her 1st birthday is today!!!).

  3. sounded like a fun, fun, fun trip! love the white, your mom has some great stuff!

  4. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend- what gorgeous views! And I love the look you put together for it. Those platforms are to die for!

  5. That sounds like such a fun day! I am in love with your booties. I think this outfit could be a great go-to option--very versatile!

  6. oh my god ! you are so elegant and stylish ! I love that ! And your shoes are to damn for !

  7. A wine tasting with the girls sounds SO wonderful!

  8. Fun pictures and you've got great legs!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. I think this is one of my favorite outfits!!
    It looks like you had so much fun. I went wine tasting in Napa almost two years ago for a bachelorette party. It was such a blast.

  10. Looks like you all had a great time!!!


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