Friday, March 11, 2011


Can you beleive it, I am dressed? Well barely. My hair is wet and I have no make up on but hey I put on an outfit besides yoga pants and uggs. This was supposed to be worn 3 days ago before I got sick so it was just sitting out already. The inspiration photo is below:

I picked this inspiration cause it was using a odd colored velvet blazer (which I have) and a white bead necklace (which I have). See it was a way for me to use these two pieces which has been collecting dust in the closet.

I also have not worn these work slacks in ages. Luckily they must have bought from a time where I was the same size so they fit perfectly. Yeay.

I like this white and white accessory look. I wish I had some brown booties as that would have been better.

This was right before I used every single ounce of energy I could gather to shower and get dressed to take the kids to the indoor play area. My motivation to get them going is pedialite popsicles.
Velvet Blazer & belt - Forever 21
White knit top - mom's
Slacks - Express
Booties - Steve Madden
Necklace - Off Fifth

Today's Activities: So woke up feeling still horrible and now with a bigger swell around my right ear. I took all the meds plus pain releivers and waited laying on the couch while my daughter filled every single cup of theirs with water and carried it over to me while spilling them everywhere to which my son kept screaming 'she is spilling'. Yeah, so very relaxing.
But then the pills kicked in and I made the most of this short lived energy burst to clean the dishes, shower and get dressed and get the kids ready and out the door. The indoor place was not much better for me as there are no couches to lay on but at least the kids were having fun and not jumping on me. Fed them lunch there and brough them home just in time for naps. And crashed as soon as they were down.

Unfortunately no help was in sight in the afternoon and I had lost all the energy to go back out again. We again broke the rules and popped in a movie but then my husband came home early and took them to the park before sunset so they can get some fresh air.

God, I hope I feel a bit better tomorrow. I am so tired of feeling so sick and exhausted and in pain.

Snapped some photos of the kids after my photos...

I told her to say 'cheese'!


  1. ugh...hope you get well soon! love the slacks on you..tres chic! your kids are always so well dresssed, too! mine, especially my boy, is usually in rags cause he gets so dirty at school!!

  2. This is a great outfit, love it!!!
    Your children are so beautiful!!!

  3. I love the outfit, nice that you wore that belt... is adding so much to the look.
    Well, it looks like you can make cool outfits even when being sick.
    your kids are so cute :)
    Hope you get well soon.

  4. Well you are the only one İ know that will look this cute when sick and İ love that white on white stuff. Sorry no help from us yesterday. The kids look so cute and İ missed them so much this is the only time i haven't seen them in a week!! they must have been thinking İ am dead! i am feeling better today and tomorrow İ might even be some help hopefully.

  5. Love that necklace! Hope you're feeling better!

  6. love the white on white, i would have never thought of it! i really love the necklace, a lot.
    i hope you feel better soon.

  7. I hope you are feeling better! Because you look fantastic! I adore the color of your blazer!!! Thank you so much for your lovely, kind words on my blog:)


  8. oh man, sorry you're feeling sick! it's so hard having kids and being sick because you can't just lie around like you want to, you still have to do things with/for them. don't feel bad about the TV, i do it too!

    love the outfit. especially the white necklace with a white shirt. looks great! the blazer is cool too.

  9. loove your pants!the last pictures are so sweet!!xx

  10. I love velvet blazers, esp. in cool colors like this!

  11. Love this look so much! I hope you are feeling better soon!!!


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