Monday, March 7, 2011

Warming Flowers

Wearing lots of wool layers today. It is windy, rainy and overcast so again perfect day to wear this super thick and warm sweater dress.

I am not sure why they make short sleeve wool sweaters. When do you wear them? If it is warm enough for short sleeves it is too hot for the material and if it is cold enough to wear a sweater your arms are freezing in the short sleeves. So, I added a long sleeve cotton top underneath to solve this problem. I do love the colors of this sweater dress/tunic. I think it looks great over the cognac color leather belts I thrifted for $20.

This georgous neck warmer is a gift from a family friend. She bought a smilar one from 'mavi' (you know the jean brand which is Turkish) while she was in Turkey so she can copy the pattern. I saw it on her and complimented how cool it was. She made me one within a week! I love its colors. I wasn't sure how I was going to style it yet. When I was looking how to accessorize the outfit this morning realized this would be perfect.

Did not want to wear a hat but my hair was still wet from the morning shower and no time to style it plus the rainy weather outside was enough to pursuade me to tuck it all in a beret.

Sweater Dress & beret - Forever 21
Brick red LS cotton top & Leather tall boots - Newport News Catalog
Leather bootcut pants - Gap - thrifted

Today's Activities: I really dislike Monday mornings. First of all my body is used to sleeping in a bit more, second of all there is always unfinished chores left over from the weekend and finally I never have any good leftovers or enough groceries to make/pack lunch for the day. So dragged myself out of bed to shower and get dressed. Decided I was going to leave most of the chores to afternoon so I can get out of the house on time without stressing. Didn't even take my photos.
School was good. My son now consistantly sits through circle times and listens. I just can't be even near that area which means my daughter does not participate at all but I am picking one battle at a time. Plus the class is for 3-5 years olds so most of the stuff goes over her 2 yr old head anyways.
I did my photo shoot when we got home before putting the kids down. Cause once i take off my boots and hat I don't want to re-wear them.
Will most likely stay in this afternoon although I do need to pick up some groceries. Posting this now so I can post my missing 'Sunday' post later tonight...


  1. I think short sleeved wool sweaters are sometimes useful for California winter and berets are perfect for lazy rainy days!:D

    Have a relaxing Monday night, Daphne!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I feel like I can NEVER get out of the house on time with the kiddos!

    I really like the look. I'm especially in love with those thrifted pants. I LOVE leather pants!!! And the color is great!

  3. love the look but the pants are beautiful both the cut and the color.

  4. I love the sweater dress. I have a couple fo short sleeve sweaters. They worked really well right after I had the kids and it would be cold but I was always slightly sweaty. Gross, I know :)
    No More Sweatpants

  5. I love colors in the sweater! So versatile - especially with the short sleeves!


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