Sunday, May 15, 2011

The big leopard

My outfit on Sunday. The weather has literally turned into late fall so amazingly able to wear a twin set without feeling warm! This twin set is again very old left from the time twin sets had come back in fashion. 
Liked pairing red with the brown capri pants. And added a touch of pop-up color with the blue scarf.

Added animal print touches with the ballet flats, the purse and my new HUGE  leopard ring.
This purse is a $10 find from Marshalls. I love the mix of patterns and the colors. I actually fit half the contends of my diaper bag into it so I could use it today!
The ring is sooo cool isn't it? Another result of me ignoring the photo with the ruler on Forever 21's website before ordering. I imagined it was big but not THIS big. But I love it. Didn't wear any other jewelry to let it take the spotlight.

Sweater Twin Set - Victoria's Secret
Brown Capri Pants - Forever 21
Flats - Enzo
Bag - Marshalls
Scarf - super old have no idea where it is from

Sunday's Activities: The kids were definitely on rare form this morning where I didn't get a moment's peace but we managed to leave the house and meet my friend and her daughter at the mall (my hubby plays tennis Sunday mornings). We had a nice time letting the kids play in the playground, then the jumpy then the train before we got rained out and escaped to the food court for lunch.
After loooong naps by the kids we went to the 2nd b-day party of the weekend 1 hour late.
They had it catered with amazing food so I was in heaven. The kids for some reason practically ate nothing but sweets though. This party had a small jumpy as well but the highlight was the pony ride then the petting zoo.
Came home for a much needed bath for the kids and put them down for the night. I left immediately afterwards for my mom's house to visit my aunt who just arrived from Turkey for a 2 week visit. We chatted till late catching up and laughing.

My daughter is wearing the dress I WORE to my 3rd b-day party. My mom kept it! 
So you can say she is wearing 'vintage'!

Close-up of the kids on the Pony: 

My son who was nervous at first but then liked it: 

My daughter among the very few girlls her age that actually rode the pony and at the end said 'I did it!' with so much pride! 

Petting the bunnies... 

These little goats kept chewing on my sweater and hair while I was taking my daughter's photos... 

Look at the amazing food art by the b-day girl's mother (my friend): 

The most delicious tres leche cake.  

Handmade and decorated cupcakes which also tasted amazing! 


  1. those ponies are so adorable! what a fun day, love your outfit :)

  2. that's a great ring...i saw it before, so i knew how BIG it was, lol! the food is so the flower/watermelon idea! so creative.

  3. I love the ring. I love Marshall's. You look so darn cute!

  4. You look amazing in red, and, of course, the ring is stunning. You look perfect!
    Isn't it weird to be dressing warmly in May??? We actually have an extreme cold warning set for tomorrow. This is insane.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Cute outfit!

    Awww, I have some of my dresses for my daughters too. How fun!

  6. I love your outfit! That red sweater makes everything else neutral. Quite lovely! Cheers!

  7. Cute outfit, gorgeous purse and ring! Your kids are adorable. That's a big pony for a little girl - she should be very proud. I saw you at A Mommy's Sweet Blog Friday hop and I'm your newest follower.

  8. You are wearing the BEST accessories here. I love the ring shoes and purse (specially that ring)
    Your daughter's dress is absolutely Beautiful, no wonder why you have and appreciate pretty clothes.

  9. your outfit is cute! and red colour suits you really well!
    love your ring!

  10. You look very chic!! Love the addition of the leopard shoes! so cute that your daughter is wearing your vintage!

  11. That giant leopard ring is so awesome!

  12. İ love your outfit with that twin set sooo classic and chic like Audrey Hepburn! Love the purse yes it is a great find and the ring of course does have the spotlight. Juliet looks adorable in your dress although you also were very adorable in it and had the same pony tails when you were wearing it. We need to put the two pictures together and frame it:)


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