Friday, May 20, 2011

Pet Peeves

Todays' Fashion Beauty Friend Friday Post hosted by Katy from Modly Chic is about Blog pet peeves..
We are asked to list the 5 things that drive us crazy about blogs we visit.
1.  A very dark background that makes it very hard to read the contend.
2. Tiny or blurry photos where it is hard to see the outfit.
3. People that cut off their heads from the photos for privacy.
4. Background music. I am usually reading blogs when next to my husband who is working and hate when all of a sudden random music starts playing. Not necessary in my opinion.
5. Flashing photos or text. So distracting when you are trying to view or read a blog or write a comment.
After I typed these I realized I guess all my pet peeves are cosmetic. Contend wise I am not as picky. I prefer bloggers that are humorous and sincere and show their true personality thru their write-ups. But I am OK if they choose to not write anything and just post amazing outfit photos (i.e. Bee from Atlantic Pacific).  I don't read blogs that are just about advertising or all they do is be part of link-ups everyday anyway so I don't count them.
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This was my outfit today. I know I know it is a bit young for my age but it was kind of fun. My daughter of course wanted to wear her tutu cause I was wearing one! :) 

Skirt, leggings and tank - Forever 21
Plaid shirt - Target
Shoes - Converse

Today's Activities: Super busy day once again. Went to my friend's house for a playdate. The kids played their hearts out and amazingly both napped when we got home! As soon as they woke up my aunt and I took them to the zoo. The zoo closes early so we had to make the most of my Aunt's visit there and rode the zoo bus then visited a few animals. Got lucky and most were out and about and very active. Had dinner at home followed by super late baths but somehow managed to get both kids in bed on time. My husband and I are getting so good at our night time routine!
Another super busy day tomorrow were we'll be doing gym classes then a b-day party then hosting the entire family (12 people) at our house for a BBQ. I already shopped but need to cook and prep. So tonight started on some of the side dishes and made the hamburger patties etc...


  1. I adore this outfit. And don't think it's "too young." There's no age-limit on cute!

  2. I want some tutu for myself too! really cute! and I enjoyed reading your article :) thanks for stopping by at my blog ^_^

  3. You look sooo cute! its such a nice fun, outfit and it looks good on you.
    It reminds me how I was one of those 'hooked' on the Madonna trend for a looooong time.
    Have a happy BBQ.

  4. wow! adore it! Such a beautiful outfit! Love the skirt!

  5. you can still pull off the tutu, though...i know i couldn't!! great that you toughened it a bit with the shoes and flannel.

  6. very cute outfit! Thanks for sharing your pet peeves. Mine are mostly cosmetic as well. if the content is great, almost every pet peeve can be overlooked!


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