Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Prep School Bloggers Do It Better

Today's outfit is for the 'The Prep School' category the lovely Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly blog has picked for this round of the Bloggers Do It Better challange.

Her requirement was wear a tie or a bowtie for sure and a vest, cardi or a blazer. My blazer photos are more down below.

I didn't even have to think of a new outfit as I already had two combo's in my list with my thrifted $3 plaid tie. This one was of them. The inspiration came from the tiny photo on one of the screens of Forever 21 website (I visit frequently and browse 'new arrivals'): 

And this is how I get inspirations. You  never know where I am going to see an outfit inspiration.
I actually own the animal print shorts in that photo but it wasn't warm enough for shorts today so settled on the brown capri's instead. 

The thin denim shirt was perfect since it had to be tucked in. I only tuck in the front part of blouses now and not the back so it add less bulk. I couldn't figure out how to tie the tie for the longest time. I should have looked at Kristina's website for the tutorial. I also wanted it loose a bit to give the effect in the photo which uses a scarf and not a tie. Added a studded thin belt to tie it all together. 

My motto when wearing 'menswear' style outfits is to always contrast with something very feminine. I added pearls the other day and today was the siren red the sharpest pointy toe stilletthos! 

And here is the blazer I had been holding. Of course it is part of yet another suit from my vast suit collection residing in my son's closet. He was all curious today why I was wearing stuff from his closet!  
The reason I did majority of the photos without the blazer is cause I like it more without I think.
I also did not wear the shoes all day long of course. Instead wore my red pointy toe flats. Not as cool obviously.  

Denim Shirt - from Turkey
Blazer - part of an Italian brand suit
Tie - thrifted
Pants, belt and sunglasses - Forever 21
Heels - Stuart Weitzman
Watch - Michael Kors

To see others supporting their 'Prep School' outfits please click HERE!

Today's Activities: A bit of a crazy morning today. Took the kids to my mom's house and went to my Dad's for a conf call with his Dr who is in LA. Usually we drive to LA for these appt but the Dr was nice enough to allow for a conference call this time. The good thing is he confirmed the diagnosis of the Dr here in SD. The not so great thing is my dad will be starting chemo if not next week the week after that. Afterwards I rushed home so I can prepare for my actual interview. It went surprisingly well. For a client who indicated they want a consultant on-site they seemed very open to me working from home. So we shall see. Of course I so would prefer to stay home with the kids but financially it would be great for our family. I am hoping they might require slightly less than full time hours so we'll see.
My mom and aunt brought the kids home in time for lunch and naps which was very short lived. I mean not even long enough for me to put fold and put away the laundry. My aunt played with them while I finished that and we went out for some Jamba juice and cupcakes as a treat (my Aunt's request ) before the oh so fun grocery shopping. Followed by quiet dinner at home.


  1. Wowww harika görünüyorsun özellikle kırmızı ayakkabılar göz alıcı :)

  2. cute outfit. red and chocolate is such a rich combo, and i actually like it with the blazer! you reminded me of my red belt i have in the garage somewhere...

  3. hopping over from tanvi's blog...i see you done the same look!
    and u luk really kewl..kinda rockstar prep school!!!! love you shoes!!!

  4. That's a great motto to have! I definitely the red pumps were a great touch of femininity to the look. Also, love that the shirt has studs ;)

  5. Lovely combination
    Red Pumps look super hot!!

    Visit me at

  6. I Love the outfit ..... on you!
    I wore a tie for 15 years in school and now its not even a remote possibility that I will wear one but I like how it looks other girls, specially nicely wear, loose, like you did. Really cool.
    Those shoes are gorgeous.
    I hope everything goes well with your dad.

  7. Looking cute, mama!

  8. cute outfit!
    Neat post!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    @MyLyfeMyStory on twitter

  9. I adore your brown cropped trousers with the heels, such a strong look. the flashes of red are fab.

  10. you look darling! I love the rolled up pants and red-shoes!

  11. this is one of my fave BDIB looks. i'm in love w/ the tie pattern, the red belt and shoes...just EVERYTHING. LOL.

    great job! :)

    kimchi girl

  12. Oh wow, I this look! you look gorgeous and the red color really make a statement! ^_^

  13. Great Look!!! Love the tie with that shirt! :)

    ♡ from ©

  14. Although I think it's a stunning outfit, my favorite parts are the SHOES!!! (and the background--some many people don't consider that!)

    I’d love it if you would stop by and see how a 45+ year old handles “Prep School”—you might find something to smile about anyway! See you there!

    We have $75 Dress GIveaway on our right hand sidebar. Win something for yourself

    The Chief Blonde

  15. Defne' cim, tesekkur ederim yorumlarin icin. Neyse hallettim sorunu, simdi gorunuyor fotograflarim. Ben de ilk basta direkt yukluyordum, sonra resimleri daha da buyutmek icin photobucket a gectim. Neyse ki cok bisey tutmuyor, aylik 2 dolar falan.
    Bu arada, gec anne oldugundan bahsetmissin, ben hic oyle dusunmemistim halbuki, cok genc gorunuyorsun.

    Bu kiyafetine de bayildim. Kravat fikri harika olmus. O feminen ayakkabilarla tezat yaratmis, super.

  16. Love this look! So fun. You look amazing!

  17. thank you for your comment in my blog :)
    loving the red shoes, they look so fash!



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