Monday, July 18, 2011

Dip in Blue

My only outdoor activity today was a trip to the Costco so picked a pretty basic outfit from my list. It was inspired by a photo at F21 website:

 Notice the shoes are the same!
 Today's outfit is head to toe F21. I like these non-fitted tops, so comfy. And you can get away with crop if the bottoms are high waist.

My son walked in to ask a question...

Shoes close-up

 These were not easy to put on by myself but I managed to. The beaded evil eye bracelets I collected in Turkey last summer.

Shorts, top, shoes - Forever 21
Bracelets - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Like I said our big morning activity was going to Costco and strocking up on milk and fruit. Also bought some fall clothes for the kids. 
After naps my dad, sister and her bf came over to swim in the pool and hang out. Kids had a great time playing with all of them. We then had bbq chicken dinner outside. After the kids went to bed we had a nice dip in the jacuzzi too. Managed to also do 4 loads of laundry during this time somehow.

My daughter with my sister and dad...

My son and I ready to jump together...

But he jumps on '1'!

I go next...

My little nephew came yesterday in his cutest frog suit:

Daughter with my dad:

Then with me. She loves these noodles.

My hubby and my dad throwing my son like a ball between them and he loves it...

The kids enjoying a morning snack (right after breakfast) in our new lounge chairs.. Got these at target at 50% off...


  1. not many mamas i know can rock shorts like that~ you go girl!

    sorry for taking so long in responding to your last comment on my blog, i've had the flu.

    i wanted to tell you how much your comment about you enjoying knowing who gave me the versatile award as well as who i had given it to in return really made me smile. i debated about how long to make that post and i'm glad i posted it as is.

    have a great week!

  2. You are such an inspiration. This outfit rocks. You make the rest of us believe we can live our dreams. :)

  3. love the outfit...but i have to say, my favorite picture if of your dad and husband playing "catch" with your son! so cute!

  4. Stripes and red shorts are a perfect combo!! You look amazing!!

    Your kids are adorable. :)


  5. I love those colors together! I think you're working this outfit better than the model did.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  6. Love your way better than f21 :)
    Love all these photos so much!

  7. LOVE. YOUR. POOL!!!! it's really beautiful...they did a nice guys did a nice job with the design. can't remember if you mentioned, can your kids swim yet?

    btw-guess i was hiding my shoes from my mom...who's at the house because she watches my son. and sometimes my daughter...although she's pretty good about keeping tabs!


  8. Wow, you are sexy Momma! I love the red short and the heels are awesome!

  9. I love the red shorts and the zebra bathing suit! Both look great on you. You have a beautiful family too. Also... these pics are making me wanna jump in your pool!

  10. Look at you!! You look like a model lying in that chair! I love the red shorts with the striped shirt, anything nautical is a summer favorite of mine! But most of all I love your shoes!! Oh, how I wish I wasn't a giant so I could wear shoes like that!

  11. Fab outfit! Love the red and the stripes! So perfect together! My first visit to your blog! Kids are super duper cute!! My LO just turned 1 yo, the time goes by so quickly! OXO Natalie

  12. i'm typically not into red, white and blue but you really made this look work. i like it a lot.

  13. Great outfit. Love the shorts and heels. So are you ready for Comic-con? I'm really excited about it this year and I'll be in costume for two of the four days I'm there.

  14. daphne i love this look! it's super cute! you've definetly given me outfit inspiration with this look!

  15. loving the red white and blue. the stripes are gorgeous and you have the best legs ever! whenever i see you wear these F21 shoes it just reminds me of how much i wanted them and couldn't find them. oh well, at least you got them. i'll just covet them :)


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