Friday, September 16, 2011

Minty Soccer

 Today's outfit. I was in a rush so picked the first item that seemed to work for today from my list. 

The inspiration came from another JCrew catalog photo:
The outfit is not that similar it was more the idea of pairing a grey jacket with some red over dark skinny jeans.
 I love how the red looks over mint.

This jacket is super comfy. I think every mommy should invest in jackets that look like blazers and coats but made out of soft material so they feel like cardigans. They are so easy to wear.

So anytime you see me in heels, now that unless I am going out afterwards I swap them with similar style/color flats when I am with the kids. These would have looked cool though...but I had to go with brown suede ballet flats.

Flowers for Mommy! Too bad he wasn't more in front of the tripod when it went off...

 I discovered this babydoll eyelet tank top on the bottom of my hanging clothes. It had fallen off of a hanger who knows for how long. It was one of those Nordstrom Rack finds years ago.

Soft Blazer, necklace - Forever 21
Tank top - Juicy Couture
Skinny Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Michael Kors (TJ Maxx)
Sunglasses - Anthropologie

Finished putting away laundry and went grocery shopping. We have snack duty at the school tomorrow so shopped for that. My parents came there to see us and that helped speed up the shopping process. After naps my dad came and we took my daughter to her 1st trial soccer class. My son who had hated soccer when we took him a year and a half ago decided he wanted to join too and really liked it as well. They had a good time.


  1. the mint really makes the red pop! i have a comfy blazer like this, but it is really long! a bit overwhelming...wish it were a shrunken one.

    hope you guys had a great vacay...sorry i missed out on the guest post :)

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  2. Comfy blazers are definitely a must for us moms! Love the mint with the red. A perfect color combo :)

  3. Jcrew has been my inspiration a lot lately! Just love how they put their pieces together! You did a great job in your version! Love the red necklace!

  4. Love this look head to toe!! wanting those shoes!! amazing!!

  5. Love this! Especially the shades! ;) The soccer pics are so cute!

  6. I like mint-red comb too, it's so summery!

    you look great with those jeans, you have legs for it! :)

    Wear A Smile!


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