Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trip Outfits

I AM BACK!!!! We had a wonderful visit with my husband's extended family in Manchester, New Hampshire.
I want to thank Natasha and Aysen for their guest posts and getting that material to me so quickly.

OUTFIT 1 (Friday, Sep 9th ):
 This was my outfit on the road. The inspiration photo was this:

The three tiered tribal print top looks dressy but is washer machine safe and very easy to wear.
 I figured I would take off the beaded necklaces if they got to be too much in the airplane but they were fine.
 The silver sequined Kate Spade ballet flats look cute and dressy but feel like slippers.

 Top, Skinny Jeans, Long necklace – Forever 21
Short Necklace – from Turkey
Ballet Flats – Kate Spade (

OUTFIT  2 (Saturday, Sep 10th)

 Our first day in Manchester, New Hampshire.  In hindsight I could have worn one of my lighter outfits and save this one but didn’t know how the weather would be the following days.

The inspiration came from the very talented lady of 
JustOne More  blog 
known for her amazing sketches.
 This outfit called out to me cause it reminded me of these sash belts I had from a few years back. Great way to use them again.

 This is in front of the country store sign where we went apple picking, I switched to my converses thinking it would be muddy but it actually was not

Silk sheer shirt, dark skinny jeans – H&M
Tank under – Eddie Bauer
Scarf, heart necklace – Forever 21
Ring – from Turkey
Chain necklace – Charlotte Russe

Here are some photos from Saturday:
Apple picking with my husband’s grandmother, uncle, aunt and their daughter and great grandson. 

Kids taking turns riding Grandpa’s lawn mower tractor.

At my husband's aunt's tomato garden:

 Kids with my husband's Grandparents. She will be 90 this year and he is 92!
So can you believe after all that spreadsheet planning I totally forgot to pack a 4th outfit!?
This was right when the power outage occurred and I thought I was done packing but I guess I never packed the items for that outfit. So on Sunday I just wore one of the jeans I packed, a tee and a hoodie.

We stayed home all day today. The morning was spent assembling my son’s new lego set and hanging out with the grandparents while my husband played tennis with one of his uncles.
Around noon all the aunts and uncles who are in town came over for a family BBQ by the pool. It was great to catch-up with everyone.
I guess at this point I should note that the street the grandparents live on were all farmland owned by them back in the day. When their kids got golder they built each one a home on that street and most are still living there. It is very cool when you start walking down the street and every neighbor is an aunt or an uncle!

Here are some photos from that day:
 This is the aunt and uncle that live next door. Their backyard is huge and has brook in it which my kids loved throwing rocks in.
Baldness runs in the family and they all joked to my son that his blond hair will not last long!
Kids trying to feel the pool water which was pretty cold

OUTFIT #3 (Monday, Sep 12th)
 This was a fun outfit with all the necklaces and the scarf and hat and all the colors.  And I finally got to use this super fun felt purse my step dad got for me in Turkey for my b-day last year.

Remember the inspiration photo:

Don’t you think these jungle of colors look cool?
And what about this gorgeous scenery?

Top, Pants, Hat & Scarf – Forever 21
Necklaces and Purse – From Turkey (Alacati, Cesme)
Sandals – Victoria’s Secret

MONDAY (9/13):
Took the kids to a nearby park with nature hiking trails around this super cute pond. I simply love the woods. I can’t wait till the kids are older to do full hikes. For now we just to a bit of the trail and turn back.
We went to a pizza place my husband’s young cousin works at for lunch. Then unfortunately the kids did not nap so my husband took them to a park around a lake this time while Nana and I went to play Bingo!
The family was all surprised thinking I would be bored to death but I actually love bingo and I really really get along and have fun with  his 89 year old grandmother. My grandpa always said I had an old soul.

Here are some photos from the nature park:
Sooo green in New Hampshire

The kids, my husband and his grandparents (92 and 89 years old!)


  1. İ love all the scenery and the pictures are beautiful of all of you. Last outfit especially is so much fun . Love those sandals with the skinny jeans and the scarf matches the necklaces. The purse is super cute also i forgot all about it! Good to have you all back we missed you guys a lot! Welcome back my beautiful kids.

  2. Looks like you had a good time! I have that same InStyle outfit in my folder of inspirations that I rip out of magazines. I like your interpretation!

    The Suburb Experiment

  3. I love all these outfits...they're all so favourite is the last one...such great colours and prints!
    Glad you had a great trip!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

    PS. Thanks again for allowing me to guest post :)

  4. Hello mommy!
    I really love the places where you shoot. It seems to be an amazing place to live. I'm sure the quality of life is extremely important to live well!
    Congratulations to offer this beautiful life for their children.
    I also really like when you show your inspiration and dress according to your style.
    Kisses ~.~

  5. looks like you had an amazing trip honey, so many lovely photos here! :)

    Wear A Smile!


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