Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Stripe Story

 Pretty surprised and happy with how today's outfit turned out. The inspiration came from the October issue of the In Style Magazine:
 It was from a page where I actually have 2 other inspirations:
Sometimes I will go through a magazine and find nothing interesting and sometimes I will have 10-12 inspirations to cut! You never know. Most are definitely from Lucky, In Style and People style watch. I read the articles of Elle.
Anyway, back to today's outfit:
 It seems so far whenever I wear this top I seem to love the outfit. It was such a spur of the moment purchase at TJ Maxx months ago too. I just knew it had potential!
 And these $14 flared jeans have been my staple all week long. They are stretchy so super comfy and the thin fabric works great with our warm weather midday. Plus the length seems to work both with flats and heels!
 This little cross body is a recent purchase from Marshall's. I am always on the look out for small cross body purses since I live in them. The touch of faux fur on the flap makes this the perfect trendy piece for the season...
 I love that it has a handle on top as well...
 Added the coral belt and the ring to pick up the coral of the top. I didn't realize the top was this sheer until the photos.
 The platform booties look great with the flared jeans...

I added the chunky cream cardigan when I got cold as we went from warm outdoor to AC'd indoors etc...

Top - TJ Maxx
Pants, Belt, Shoes - Forever 21
Purse - Mashall's
Ring - H&M
Watch - Michael Kors

It was a big day of dentist and Dr appointments. My son had 2 cavity fillings today. His first. He was remarkably understanding of the fact that he couldn't eat 4 hours prior and acted like a champ during the filling process. My mom was able to take my daughter so I stayed with him without distractions. Then we met them at a hallmark store so the kids can select their 2011 ornaments. Last year we went too late and the popular ones were all sold out. My daughter picked a tweety ornament that sings and my son after changing his time 5 times settled on a space mickey ornament. I really wanted him to get the 'where the wild things are' cause it is one of his favorite books but he wouldn't. I might get that for him anyway as a gift cause it was so cool. I also found the exact replica of the wooden snoopy dog toy I used to have as a kid that my mom kept to this day in an ornament form. I had to get it. I love hallmark ornaments.
Afterwards I left the kids with my parents then went to my own Dr appointment before meeting them back at my house for dinner.
Thanks to Deniz Saatcioglu, I bought the 'Dukan Diet Book' and am reading all about it so my husband and I can start together after his birthday next week. The website declined me cause apparently I am at my target weight even though I have gained 10lbs since last month mostly due to the 3 week consulting work assignment. Will keep you updated as to how it goes. So far I am liking and agreeing with what I am reading.


  1. çok şık olmuşsun tatlım, bu tarz kombinleri bende çok seviyorum. Pantolonunun kesimi çok güzel, benimki de evde duruyor :) sende görünce değerlendirmek aklıma geldi... Ayakkabıların da çok şık, bluzun renkleri ve kemerin detayı da çok uyumlu, çok beğendim.

  2. Nice look! I really like those shoes!

    Thanks for such a great comment on my blog. You're so right, we bloggers are just used to standing out. Ha!

  3. Love your shoes! Your blog is so interesting and lovely:D
    Hugs and kisses

  4. Okay... it's time to concede the point... you are the most stylish blogger in the entire fashion universe. I read over 100 fashion-blogs and yours is the one that comes up with the best outfits on such an amazingly consistent basis.

    Your stylistic judgment is sound and creative; your productivity makes me think you have a team of assistants behind you shopping, styling and dressing you. How do you do it?!

  5. I saw the similar of the booties at Marc Jacobs! Looks so feminine and stylish with the wide leg denim (what a coincidende I also made a post with them) ;)

    BeTwin Us


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