Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Florals and Stripes

Today's outfit was inspired by the lovely Diya from In Her Stilettos. This is from one of her much older posts.

I should have looked at this photo again before dressing up cause it would have looked cooler if I unbuttoned the trench.

 Close-ups of the accessories. These earrings are from Mango I bought in Turkey. I like that they are silver and gold but they are quite heavy so I can't wear them for too long...

Trench - Forever 21
Dress - Anthropologie
Shoes, Bracelet - Tilly's
Earrings - Mango
Ring - From Turkey
Watch - Bulova

Not an eventful day. We did preschool in the morning than I went on a frenzie of housework in the afternoon while the kids played together. I put away all the things I bought for the kids yesterday and did laundry and rotated my daughter's closet so the fall/winter clothes are in the front. She is obsessed with the princess slippers and the PJs I bought her and wore them all afternoon.
Watched 'Hall Pass' from netflix tonight. It was much funnier than I anticipated. Have you guys seen in?


  1. Floral and stripes is always a good combo! LOVE the addition of the vest and wide belt!!

  2. Cute jacket.

  3. Seriously love your earrings :)

  4. Like your interpretation as well with the trench buttoned's more sleek and Carrie Bradshaw-esque rather than preppy. :)


  5. Nice combination!

  6. I love the floral and stripes. Definitely makes me want to try this look! :)


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