Monday, October 31, 2011

Project Pink and Pumpkin Carving

 Wore the pink blouse today which was inspired by an outfit Kendi wore from Kendi Everyday blog...

I decided to go with my flared dark jeans though and flats and a grey purse instead....
 Wore the pink to participate in the Pink Project hosted by The Artsy Girl Connection Blog!
This is an old silk work shirt. I love the matte finish.

 Silver Ballet Flats

Silk Blouse - Ann Taylor
Jeans, Necklaces - Forever 21
Purse - Thread Show
Ballet Flats - Kate Spade

Had a crazy busy weekend.
Morning we had gym classes then rushed to the photo shoot on the beach for the xmas cards. I will share those once the photographers gives them to us. The sun was a bit hard to work and the huge tide did not help but I hope he got at least one good one.
After naps we went to our friend's house for a potluck BBQ and to look over our Jamaica vacation photos together and remember the fun time we had.
Here are the kids having a popcorn and movie party at the end of the BBQ:

Took my son to the Turkish School in the morning. Left my mom and the kids there and rushed to the dollar store and a craft store to buy supplies for the preschool halloween festival.
Then had a potluck picnic with the school.
Here are all the Turkish American kids:

Since apparently all the grocery stores are out of pumpkins we had to go to the local pumpkin store to buy pumpkins for the carving party we are hosting tonight:

And At night the whole family came over for a potluck pumpkin carving party and we had a blast.
I adopted this tradition from my friend who does this with her family every year. It was a total blast and we all decided we will do this every year!
Everyone came over with a dish for the potluck dinner and their own pumpkin and carving tools.
We first gutted the pumpkins as people came. Then took a break and had dinner and dessert than carved them all together.  My kids only lasted until beginning of carving then their bedtime came so they haven't seen the finished pumpkins yet. At the end of the night we took photos then everyone takes their own pumpkin home.
 We even separated, washed and roasted a big batch of the pumpkin seeds...

 My son in the middle of the gutted pumpkins...

Dinner Table:
Kept things simple and casual with nylon table cloths and paper plates

The Desserts:
My sister brought the cake and my mom made the classic Turkish pumpkin dessert!

Then the carving starts:

My husband and I worked on the same one. He drew the 'Ariel' and I carved it. 

The finished pumpkins!

I love this photo!

By the way My sister got ENGAGED over the weekend!
Here is the happy couple:

And her gorgeous ring!


  1. Aww. That engagement ring is gorgeous! :) I love your studded bag. Great pictures!

    I'm doing an amazing jewelry giveaway today and I would love for you to stop by and enter it! :)

  2. glad you linked up! i have started to re-love these shirts again. the button ups i got from old navy have meen worn many times already! so versatile!

    your party looks fun! just carved our pumpkins tonite, too!! great last photo!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  3. What a great family photo with all the pumpkins! Those are traditions and memories to last forever :) Love your pink top and bag!

  4. I adore your outfit - those jeans look fabulous <3

  5. Oh how fun this looks, a potluck pumpkin carving party, I love it. The kids look adorable.

    *I love pink these days, and so nice of you to support the Pink project. Have a lovely day. -xx

  6. Great pumpkins! And congrats to your sister.

  7. Love that purse so much!
    That looks like it was quite the group carving pumpkins, such fun!

  8. Love this simple but classic look! These pumpkins are perfect, very creative. Congrats to your sister, what a gorgeous ring! :)

  9. Such a great classic look! I love the soft pink blouse!

  10. Congrats to your sister!! The baby pink blouse is a sweet touch against the dark flared jeans!!

  11. Congratulations to her! This seems like a fun-filled and wonderful celebration. I love the pumpkins too.

    - Christine
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