Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Candy Canes in Snow

 Today's outfit was inspired by the lovely Kendi from Kendi Everyday!
My top is not as bold colored as hers but I liked the idea of using the summer tank in winter and have been wanting to break in my mustard scarf for a while now!

 I really should have put on some make-up but I had no time. I am kind of liking my hair though. I achieved this look by showering last night and blow drying somewhat smooth when it was almost dry but still slightly damp. Then I did a side braid starting all around my forehead like I do to my daughter everyday and went to sleep like that. When I opened up my hair in the morning, voila it was kinky curls and body! I also know my white roots are showing but I might get my colored this Saturday so waiting to hear from the salon before doing my own color job.

The entire outfit except for the sunglasses is from Forever 21!

As I promised today was another crazy day. Started with Sea World where we met up with 4 other friends. Took the kids to the snow play area. For people living in Southern CA we sure are seeing a lot of snow in one week! 
After that outing and naps we went to the indoor play area for my daughter's 'Candy Cane Tea Party'. She wore her 'party dress' same one she wore last saturday to our holiday party. Then started bawling when her friend showed up with a pink princess dress. The owner's daughter was having the same issues going through dresses and changing her mind. The mommies bonded over the ridiculousness of our 2 year old starting so early!
My mom said she wants to take the kids tomorrow and keep them overnight!! My plans are wavering from cleanning out our walk in office closet and files and preparing the xmas menu and grocery list and shopping to doing nothing! Probably the former. All we know is we are definitely going out with my husband at night. Might check out the super lux movie theaters where you can have dinner and order drinks at the same time!
Stay tuned!


  1. You are one busy lady and you look JUST AS CUTE AS Kendi. Don't you just love her, though. Good Interpretation of her outfit.

  2. LOVE that mustard scarf...great shot of color around your face!!! I love the idea of a summery top paired with winter everything else too....GOing out to dinner tomorrow and planning to wear my new leather pants with a summer tank...thanks for reminding me:)

  3. Great take on Kendi's style! Loving the mustard scarf and that ruffly top!!


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