Friday, December 23, 2011

Under The Mistletoe

 Tonight was a date night to the lux movie theaters for dinner, drinks and a movie. This outfit was perfect for such outing! I don't know how I would have worn it if I was with the kids but I had already picked it for today so it worked out.

The inspiration was from a Guess Ad:
I like the idea of going all white on top with flared black pants and long black gloves. I don't have a red fur scarf so I added a red silk scarf to my purse for the effect...

 To create the effect I belted my peacoat. The odd thing was when I wanted to take off the coat in the restaurant and movie theater I had to take off my belt and felt like I was undressing so a bit awkward.
 Wearing the new necklace gift from my best friend. She said she bought it at one those in home jewelry parties...
 I have had these gloves for years and love them.

 My husband snapped this as I was running towards him to switch the camera mode from timer to normal!

Rabbit Hair Coat - Guess (very very old)
White T-neck & Belt - Forever 21
Chiffon flared pants - Asos
Purse - 6159
Silk Scarf - can't remember very old
Boots - J Crew
Sunglasses - House of Harlow
Necklace - Gift

My mom and step dad took the kids late morning. And I did attach one of my projects that have been on my list for quite some time which was to clean and organize our office walk-in closet. It took me hours and I only got half way done. Going through filing cabines and so much piled paperwork and old photos is such tedious work. I plan to wake up early and finish that and also attach my kids rooms while they are not here so I can pack up the toys and clothes they have grown out of.
I was still in my PJs when my husband came home to pick me up. So rushed to get ready and thank goodness the outfit worked.
We went to these luxurious movie theaters we have been wanting to try. They have fully reclining leather seats, tables and and arm rests and full wait service with food and drinks. Of course we realized these theaters sell out quick so every movie wanted to see when we got there was sold out. Picked out a 3rd movie choice for my husband for a show time that was 3 hours later! Ate somewhere else since we had so much time to kill then Christmas shopped at a toy store in the same strip mall for some friends' kids and a few toys for our kids. We then enjoyed the 'New Year's Eve' movie in the lux theater. We never wanted to leave it was so cozy and comfortable and whenever you were thirsty or hungry you rang for the waiter. If I can get that at my house I would love it!


  1. you look just fabulous in this outfit babe. I love the all white top look and the touch of red with the scarf. I am glad you guys got to enjoy your evening. We actually enjoyed ours very much with the kids too.

  2. Fabulously glam look! The white fur with the black is just a great way to glam up cold weather :) Gorgeous!

  3. oh yay--a date night!

    i love seeing your version of the outfits that inspire you. those pants are hot!

    Happy Holidays! <3

  4. *sigh* My goodness. You really are living my dream. This is such a glamorous look. I won't say you look like a star -- you *are* a star. Belting the jacket is the final touch in making this outfit sing.

  5. krem rengi ceketlerin asaletine bayılıyorum, bu outfit de aynen öyle olmuş defne'cim.. :)

  6. Gorgeous! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. I think this is my favorite look of yours yet. It suits you very well.


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