Sunday, December 18, 2011

It is my party and I can dance if I want to!

 This was my outfit last night for our annual holiday potluck party we host at our house every year for family and friends!

The inspiration came from the Shabby Apple Website. I first ordered the skirt and the top from there but then realized when it arrived the skirt was almost identical to the Romwe skirt I already own and the top did not fit that right although the quality was great. I sent them back and used my own items to create the outfit.
The model above used red gloves and red shoes. I decided to go with hot pink instead but the concept was the same. Found these amazing looking Betsey Johnson heels at Zappos on sale. Then searched amazon for the gloves. Knowing it wouldn't be practical to have my hand covered during my own party I picked a pair that was fingerless. At $15 it wasn't bad at all. Then just layered and layered 3 different pearl necklaces and rhinestone one. And on my wrists used my two pearl and silver bracelets. Loved the effect.

 Just for the photos I added this mini sequin clutch to the outfit. If I was going out in this outfit it would have been perfect!

And here are the amazing shoes. Never have I seen a pair of shoes that are interesting and cool from *every* angle!

Before the party I managed to get my  nails done. Had the shellac polish so it would last. The tips were painted hot pink then a coat of silver glitter.

Lace top and lace cami under - Forever 21
Tulle Skirt - Romwe
Scarf (used as belt) - From Turkey
Heels - Betsey Johnson (from Zappos)
Gloves - Amazon
Clutch, bracelets, rhinestone necklace - Forever 21
Pearls - All vintage or gifts
Pearl Earrings - Tiffany's (wedding gift from my husband)
Pearl ring - from Turkey

The day was hectic. I delegated the kids (and their gym classes) to my husband and ran errands like grocery shopping, dry cleaners, drug store, mailing xmas gifts and getting my nails done. 
While the kids were napping we re arranged our furniture and got the buffet tables ready and took out all the serving bowl and paper plats and utensil.s 
We do this every time we give a big party. Moving our couch to the side and pushing back our kitchen table creates a nice open space to handle large traffic flow. 
At 4 PM my family arrived so we can exchange our secret Santa gifts before the guests come. I got the Michael Kors perfume I was lusting over from my sister! My husband got super cool snow boots. I was upset with my mom cause I had purchased these lizard skin nine west heels she was wanting from zappos months ago. It was going to be a big surprise cause I had remembered her showing them to me from a magazine. But she showed up to the party wearing the shoes! Which means she bought them herself! Thank goodness I used zappos so she can return and get something else. But it ruined my surprise.

At 5:30 the rest of the guests and family arrived. It was quite hectic and chaotic with so many little ones running around but so much fun. Another thing I do before a big party with lots of kids is hide all my son's small toy sets and puzzles and legos in his closet and lock the closet door. That way the clean up is much easier with fewer toys. 

Here are some cute party photos:
 The kids all dress up.

Even though this dress of hers from last year is a bit small I had her wear it so we can totally compliment each other!

With my Mom and Step Dad

The Buffet table. 
I set up 3 tables. One for appetizers, one for main and side dishes and one for desserts. 
As guests bring their dishes I distribute them accordingly. Appetizer table is open all night. After majority of the guests arrive we heat up all the main and side dishes and open that buffet up. That way majority of the food is there before people have already eaten.
 Both my sister and her fiance and my brother, his wife and my little nephew are in this picture!

The Yummy Desserts:

Some of the kids at the kid table:

Exchanging gifts with my best friend's family...

One of my friend's husband came from a concert where he was dressed as an Elf! Surprised the kids who were playing in my son's room:

With my Dad:

And the HOSTS!


  1. Pretty in Pink! :)

    Love all the Christmas pics!

  2. You looked amazing sweetheart with all white like a snow princess and those killer heels from Betsey with matching gloves!! Juliet and Trevor's pictures came out really cute too. Trevor has a beautiful smile:) on a very handsome face. Juliet was like a Doll and very conscious that she was wearing pearl jewelry!I love the picture of you and John looking at each other with love. Yo take the best pictures of the whole family.I am so upset with disappointing you for my gift. But what counts is the thoughtfulness and thank you very much . I will wear it as your gift. The party was so much fun as always. Thanks for hosting.

  3. Amazing! One of the best outfits ever. So clever and pretty.

    I'm tempted to borrow the idea...

  4. Those shoes are to die for, just gorgeous! Amazing outfit!

  5. tatlılar super lezzetli görünüyor, ayakkabıların ne kadar şık

  6. I absolutely love that yellow bag!


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