Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine

 Today's outfit was inspired by a photo that has been in my folder for quite some time. October 2010 to be exact! From In Style Magazine:
I loved the 3 layered top and another opportunity to wear my super old green cargo pants!

I layered the denim shirt with the very old tweed vest and khaki jacket on top!

Everything I am wearing is very old except for the hat. This was a new purchase from TJ Maxx a few months ago!

These pants are at least over 15 years old. I actually gave them up and my mom took them. They were extreme low riders and very tight and just not wearable. When I went back to my college size I took them back but the super low rise problem was still there. In Turkey got belt loops made so I can wear a belt to hold the pants in place and now I wear them sooo much! Good thing cause they were purchased full price back in the day!

 The boots look so rugged and old but they actually looked like this when purchased!

Khaki Jacket - Gap (Thrifted)
Vest - Banana Republic (Thrifted)
Denim Shirt - from Turkey
Pants - Bebe
Belt - Limited
Boots - Steve Madden
Hat - Jessica Simpson (TJ Maxx)

My husband surprised me last night by giving me my Christmas gift early! He got me the fully loaded with the latest PZD technology camera lens that goes from 18mm to 270mm!!! I took it to the outdoor class this morning to try it out!
 People said with my outfit today and the camera I looked I was ready for some Safari!

And got some great photos of the kids in the park:

And I couldn't resist sharing this one! My husband took this in the morning to try out the lens himself. Priceless!


  1. Adorable post and you look so chic in those pants and the hat. I'm really into hats right now and this one looks great on you


  2. Great pictures!Following you back!

  3. I love hats and I'm digging your own. It's so beautiful. It's nice to see the sun by this season of the year. It's freezing cold in this part of Germany.

  4. Love that hat and that last picture is priceless! :)

  5. Love this outfit! The blazer and vest, plus the cargos and boots look awesome. The kiddos are just so cute. Great candid photos on the playground.

  6. You do look like you're headed on a safari! And I love the name Juilet for a girl's name! Enter my StyleMint Giveaway for 5 shirts!

  7. The 3 layers on top is an excellent way to go and not have to wear an overcoat! LOVE that you wore combat boots with this outfit! Gives it a certain edge!


  8. Girl this could be one of my favs! I love everything..the menswear vibe..all the neutrals...the hat...and those combat boots...OH MY I just love it all.

  9. I love this outfit! The blue and the green make a perfect pairing! You do look very safari ready in this outfit with the camera!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  10. how cute are those kids!

    you know, when i saw the top half of this look i was not expecting the bottom. but i really like the juxtaposition!

  11. This outfit is great. I really like that the layers look put together and stylish without looking like "too much" or "bunchy". Great job!


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