Monday, December 5, 2011

Kilt, Argyle and Stripes - Monday Mingle

 Wanted to start off the week with an outfit that is funky and out there. 

Got my inspiration from the November 2011 issue of Glamour Magazine:

Since kilt has made a come back I had been thinking about this skirt of my mom's that is from ages and ages ago. I knew it was hanging in her closet and it is the perfect length and design and print. She will probably comment to enlighten us all where it is from but it is great quality. I borrowed 5 pieces from her with the intention of wearing them all in one week so I can give them back but the weather turned on me last week so trying to make that up this week and next hopefully. Although I have about 3 more outfits with this skirt so you will be seeing it often for a little while.

 The layers are a bit funky but I think they work. See bottom for info...
Also do you guys know why my camera does this? It over exposes the light colored item in my outfit and makes it hard to distinguish. I can't fix it afterwards. See how the blouse neck and sleeves are all over exposed?

Layer 1: Paste Pink Silk blouse with ruffle neck and sleeves - Vintage from my mom's closet
Layer 2: Camel black striped sweater - Forever 21
Layer 3: Argyle vest - J Crew
Kilt Skirt - Mom's
Grey Ribbed Tights - Forever 21
Vintage looking flats - Enzo
Earrings & Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

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Everything was normal at preschool this morning. Afterwards just before coming home for lunch I just wanted to run two tiny errands: 
Going to the UPS store to mail a return box and xmas cards and
picking up and dropping off dry cleanning.
Both of these stores have store front parking where I can leave the kids in the car and just run in. So should piece of cake, right? 
First as I try to turn into the UPS store I see the enterence to the lot is blocked. So now I have to drive all the way around the block and turn back from the other side. Only to find out the entire parking lot in that area is being re-done and no parking is allowed. So I have to wait for a parking that is totally far and get in just barely. But now I have to get the kids out of the car but find out they both have taken off their socks and shoes! After putting those on and walking across the empty lot trying not to step in the newly painted lines we get in. In the store they become crazy kids climbing over each other and crying at some point. I should add that since my daughter had a potty accident right before we left school she is wearing just a tutu with nothing under. We get that done get back in the car and go to the dry cleaners. There the lady is new and she can't find my stuff and it takes forever. I get done clenching my teeth and we head home. Our normal turn is blocked for another raod work (what the heck!???) so we again drive all the way around which is like 15 blocks since there is no other direct street. So 40 minutes later we are home! I take deep deep breaths as we enter and both kids are crying for lunch and tattoo's at the same time!
Some days are just harder than others!


  1. Aw, sorry. DEEP BREATH!

    That's a lot of look. I don't think I could pull that off. I love the blouse and earrings!

  2. sorry to hear it was a rough day...but happy at the same time that to know that i'm not the only one who experiences days like these :)

    this is a very fun and interesting mix. love that green argyle sweater!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  3. Boy! You had a rough day, that definitely sounds quite a pain! I love your outfit, its so school appropriate that I would like to wear it while I study :) it's cute!

  4. Fabulous mommy! Great blog!
    Wanna follow eachother? Let me know when you follow me and I follow back!

  5. Don't ask me camera questions... can't help at all. Sorry.

    LOVE your (rather, mom's) skirt though. Does that help any? Isn't fantastic when you can grab some of mom's stuff and work in?

    BTW... craptastic day here again today.

  6. ne kadar çok çizgi ve rengi getirmişsin bir araya,farklı bir kombin olmuş :)

  7. Sorry you had such a rough day. Hope today goes better for you! :)

  8. That sounds really frustrating! Hopefully once you got home you got to relax a bit. :)

    I love seeing where bloggers find their inspiration.

    The Suburb Experiment


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