Sunday, December 4, 2011

Round it up

This was my outfit today to visit Legoland with my sister and her fiance and the kids of course!

The inspiration came from October 2011 issue of the Elle Magazine:

The weather was unusually cold though so I had to add the scarf for extra warmth and the hat!
I ordered this hat online but then it didn't have the classic beret feel so ordered a different style. But today I wanted a beanie style hat and this worked perfect. Adding the new round sunglasses I found at TJ Maxx the other night gave the perfect effect I was going for:

Hat, Cardigan, Jeans, Necklace - Forever 21
Boots - Mia
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

Even though I was dead tired I didn't want to break my promise to take my sister and her fiance to Legoland with the kids using our 'bring a friend' passes that are only good until Xmas. It was a fun day. My son just adores her fiance and calls him his bed bud. He wanted to ride every ride with him. Since Legoland has ridiculously crazy rules I mostly waited for them and took photos. My daughter is crazy about getting her face painted now. So before we could do too many rides we had to go to the princess castle for her face painting. We left early and left them to explore the park in peace until closing. At home of course no one napped! My friend came over with her boys so we can spend the afternoon without doing anything together. My mom came to spend some time with the kids as well and with everyone there I ran around like crazy trying to get everything done around the house. Finally got everything done and even the kids bathed and in bed with team work. I even managed to get my husband to team up to get the xmas cards labeled and stamped so they can go in the mail tomorrow.


  1. Cute boots and sweater! They have some really nice crocheted berets at Forever 21 right now for $5, you might find one you like. The kids look so cute, especially Juliet with her face paint.

  2. Great look! All the colors really compliment each other. :)

  3. Loving the beenie! The excact hat I turn to when the weather gets frigid in NYC! Love the chunky knit and the sunspecs too :)

  4. Such a cute, cozy outfit! Lego world looks like a blast!

  5. pembe gözlüğün çok şeker ve o kolyene bayıldımmm,ne zamandır böyle bir şey arıyorum bulamıyorum :(

  6. Cute outfit!



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