Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little Drummer Boy

 I realized yesterday that I missed a great opportunity to wear my rain boots so wanted to take advantage of it today while it was still wet outside. 

My inspiration came from the lovely 

I just changed the boot portion from black to red. I was going to add a pin as well which I own but didn't want to poke holes in my leather jacket and plus I was already wearing red in the boots.
I had to add the t-neck under since it was a cold day. Ironic cause she is in Canada and I am in Southern CA!

This necklace would have shown more if I didn't have the t-neck I think!

I saw these boots on clearance when I was shopping for my i-phone cover at Henri Bendel. A store I had never visited before. The boots are awesome. I have skinny calves so they swim in my other rain boots. These are much narrower and much taller. The fit is quite snug and comfy. I should have taken a photo from the back as they have this cute ribbon all the way up on the back seam!

 Leather Jacket - Super old TJ Maxx purchase. Oddly looks faux but it is real leather that is crinkly and lightweight.
Silky Blouse - H&M
Striped Top - from Turkey
Necklace, Leggings, OTK socks - Forever 21
Red Belt - Thrifted
Boots - Henri Bendel
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

My son was feeling OK so we decided to join our outdoor class. But since it was raining the class was moved to a Chuck'e'Cheese! Usually the place is insanely crowded and dirty but at 9:30 AM on a weekday it was very nice. ANd just our group was there so we could let the kids roam free with a mini cup of tokens. Even my 2 yr old managed to do rides all by herself with her own tokens. SHe was so cute. She would get in a car put her token cup and bunny toy in the back and start the ride.
One of my friends was smart enough to print bunch of coupons so we enjoyed pizza, salad and drinks at half price.
 Circle time at Chuck'e'Cheese

 Notice the cup of token in the back! :)

In the afternoon my parents babysat when I went to my Dad's Dr appointment. Then I took the kids to my sister and her fiance's house for dinner and seeing their Christmas Tree.
Found and ordered them the perfect ornament to mark their engagement this year:

My daughter was obsessed with their little puppy. She insisted on reading her a book in her bed!

 My sister and Fiance with their dog and my kids


  1. Those boots are awesome! Red makes a rainy day all that much better :) Your daughter looks too cute in the dog bed.

  2. Love the transparence on the top and the color harmony !!!

  3. Great outfit! And I bow down to your wrapping room and skills. I think my impatience with such things, and lack of spatial recognition (too much or too little paper, every time) make me a failure at wrapping! I think i will pass it off as my 3 yr old nephews helped!

  4. YOU LOOK GREAT! And the red accessories are very attention-grabbing! :) I've always wanted a pair of Hunter Boots. I'm sure they're much more practical in winter than my suede clog boots, lol! Your sister's pooch is so cute. I love when dogs stick their tongues out in pictures :p


  5. I'm so jealous!!

    Ever since they started making unbearably-cute rainboots (last year), I've been envying them -- but with the sad recognition that I'll never have an occasion to wear them so, without that excuse, I can't justify buying a pair.

    These look wonderful on you. What a vibrant color, nicely echoed by the belt.

  6. İ love your boots! you should have taken a photo from the back for sure. well next time:) Th pictures are very cute and Juliet reading Molly in bed is priceless. I love the ornament and I am sure they were thrilled. I just did not get the relation of this blog with the drummer boy title?

  7. both you and your inspiration look great in this look. love your red belt and necklace.

  8. You have got one of the best blogs I have seen recently.Creativity of any kind always attracts me and you are a masterpiece in that.Thanks for sharing so much. I am definitely following you.

  9. Love the pops of red!

    Glad your son is doing better! :)

  10. love those boots! i'll have to look into the brand as my legs usually swim in boots, too. you got this look down! i've been layering stripes under a lot of things lately!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  11. Wow, love those red wellies...so cute!

  12. Lovely outfit! I really like how you got inspiration from another blogger - its so cool that we can all inspire each other :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog <3

  13. What a super busy day. Loving that outfit.


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