Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baby It Is Cold Outside

 I had been saving this outfit combination for an event where we would be outside and the coat would be worn the entire time.  

I got the inspiration of adding a silky red scarf from this tiny inset photo of SJP in a magazine:

I truly love this coat. I bought it 8-9 years ago from Bebe full price cause I was in love with it. At the time I traveled frequently to New York (and also Boston and Chicago) for my job so it wasn't that silly of a purchase. It is the type of coat you put on and feel like a million bucks. And now this year this is totally in style.

 I wish the red silk scarf I had was a full size one so it would be bigger like SJP's but mine was a long narrow kind. Still works though I think...

 These platforms looked killer. But of course I couldn't wear them in reality for what we were doing. I wish I could though. Cause Uggs sure did not give this effect!

Underneath the coat I just wore a simple black t-neck to keep things simple!

The kids were picking up leaves and throwing them over me like confetti while I was taking these photos!

Coat - Bebe
T-neck - Gap
Silk Scarf - Echo
Jeans - Closet
Platforms - Newport News
Purse - 6951

We stayed home this morning since my son was not feeling great and I had ton of stuff to do from laundry to cooking to gift wrapping and just taking it easy.
After naps we had a very early dinner and met our friends at Krispy Kreme's. 6 families to be exact with 12 kids! We drove to the local neighborhood where all the houses go all out with holiday lights. Kids on a high from the donut sugar rush had a blast running with their friends.
Except my son started feeling sick after 30 minutes and rode in my friend's stroller for the rest of the night.

They were fascinated with these tiny snowmen that sang on the ground of someone's yard!

My little sick baby!

Mine are in the Paul Frank hats!

Here is our group of kids!


  1. the coat is beautiful! love those platfor heels, too! i haven't been to our neighborhoods lights yet. actually a lot of places are doing lights this year~ kind of a bummer!

    hope your son feels better.

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  2. You look so pretty! I love the added touch of the red scarf!

    I hope your son feels better soon! :( poor guy.


    Erin @

  3. That coat looks so great on you, I'm sure I couldn't pull off that look. I also love the scarf and shoes. :)

    Hope your son feels better soon!

  4. You always pull something awesome out of your sleeve. This jacket is no exception, it is gorgeous! Hope your son feels better soon :)

  5. You're not just a fashion inspiration to me, you're a fashion mentor. And here's another example.

    I decided last week that I should get a winter coat. My first. I went looking in stores for something exactly like this one. Your coat is so gorgeous! I hope I can find something similar for less than full-price at Bebe.

  6. You look absolutely stunning with your fur and platforms! Go mommy, go!!!!

  7. you look fantastic! this is one of my favorites because that bebe coat is amazing (i want it) and those platforms are hot, hot, hot!

  8. Aaahhh love the first photo very much! You look like a celeb on the go ;) The coat definitely pulls this look together but I also like how simple yet chic your inner outfit is. I gotta start wearing my turtlenecks with some fancy scarves ;)

  9. I've just found your blog. and it is like WHOAAAAH you are such a fashionable mother!
    My mom must be inspired with your style <3

    big hug for Trevor and Juliet,

  10. That coat sure has held up great! Purchases that you still love just as much years later are the best!

  11. lovely jacket my dear! so chic!


  12. I love your interpretation of the SJP look. You look stunning in this outfit. I love and want your shoes and coat! Just beautiful!

    Sorry your baby was sick! Looks like you all still had a nice time though!

    I'm a new follower, would love for you to check out my blog sometime and follow back if you're interested!

    Have a great day!

  13. beautiful outfits.

    xo Nav

  14. I am so blessed to see my beautiful baby everyday with great pictures! Fabulous outfit and makes you wish the cold stay longer! poor trevor looks so silent:( I am upset to be excluded from this outing!!!!

  15. Defne cim, bu kombin harika olmus. Ayakkabilarina bayildim. Kurklu kaban ve cantayla beraber, gayet spor bir kiyafeti, inanilmaz cool ve trendy yapmislar. Bulsam o ayakkabilarin aynisini hemen alirim :))


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