Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Color My World

Today's Fun colored combo was inspired by the following Chictopia post of AshleyRose:

I love the yellow and hot pink colors with the black scarf idea... Wearing denim shorts over leggings was cool as well...

To make it kid friendly during the day all I did was swap the platform booties with the flat ones!

I like it with the platforms better of course though...

 This scarf is tiny and sooo old during the time they were in fashion... Worked perfect for what I needed though...

 These short shorts are stretchy so they fit over leggins no problem and the dark rinse makes them work quite nicely...

I did my nails in yellow and the middle ring was a 3 stacking ring I got from F21 and totally forgot until today...

Sweater, Leggings, Platform Booties - Forever 21
Denim shorts - TJ Maxx
Yellow Blouse - Koton from Turkey
Scarf - Express
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

Another crazy fun day. We went to the Japanese friendship garden with our outdoor pre school class. Fed the fish in the Koi pond then did all sorts of Japanese art which was so much fun for them.
The teacher had a dochent give the kids tour of a museum with famous paintings as well...
Then had lunch in the noodle place next door.
At night we are having family friends over for dinner so it is going to be a fun and long night...


  1. i love your jumper! pretty color! (:


  2. loving this color combo! you're interpretation is spot on...

  3. That Japanese garden looks amazing! To answer you r question about what I do, I'm a Textile Designer. I took some time away when my girl was born, but went back to work part time this past June. Sometimes it turns into full time (like it has lately). Right now I'm working in hospitality (fabrics for use in hotels). What's the new business you are starting? Does it have to do something with the blog! ;o)

  4. Love the combo. The colors are great for this time of year. Thanks for including the kid friendly look. It still looks fabulous with the boots and socks. But you are right, the platforms do look better.

  5. You are one busy mommy!!! I love the platform shoes. I just bought a couple of pairs but since I'm always with the littles, they haven't got any wear :(
    No More Sweatpants

  6. Fun pink and yellow! Those shoes are fab! :)

    xo, sam
    *Style of Sam*

  7. I really like both shoes! High or low! A fun look! Looks like it was fun feeding the Koi fish too! Thanks so much Daphne for stopping by at my blog and leaving comments...it encourages me to continue on! Also thank you for featuring me and using me as one of your inspired outfits! Big Hug!
    XO Carrie

  8. What a fun look! It looks like a beautiful day, love all the beautiful scenery.


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