Thursday, January 19, 2012

I saw her standing there

This was my 'day' outfit today... I will do another post tomorrow probably about what I wore at night...
I have been wanting to wear this sweater for quite sometime. To bring it some edge I added the faux leather leggings, hat and the oxfords...

Sweater - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Gift
Leggings - INC by macy's
Oxfords - Bass (Zappos)
Hat - Thread Show
Purse - 6951

Took my son to get a much much needed haircut. Then spent a torturous half hour at the bank researching and disputing automated debit charges that have apparently been coming out of my checking out since summer! I am so diligent about my checkbook I don't know how I missed it. 30 minutes later found out it is a company I bought a children's book from a college student that came to our door. I paid by check. So that is how they had my checking account and routing number and have been charging me for their website which I never even logged in. I was furious. Luckily though I called the company and threaten to take legal action and they will be refunding the charges and canceling the membership. Otherwise I was going to have to close my account and open a new one which would have been an absolute nightmare! Never again will I buy something that comes to the door or pay by check...
We went to target after this tormenting experience and met my parents there for lunch and while they toured the toy isles with the kids I finished some shopping. They have such a good batch of cute girl clothes right now.
Afternoon my friend is coming over with her boys and cross your fingers we plan to leave all the kids with the daddy's and go out to meet the girls for Restaurant week...
We'll see how all that goes...


  1. love this outfit! I especially love the oxfords and sweater!


  2. I love everything about this! That bow sweater, the leather leggings and those shoes are AMAZING.

  3. i love so much about this outfit. the bow sweater is super cute. and i've been really wanting a pair of faux leather leggings for a while. the oxfords are adorable. and so is the hat. really love how you put this all together!

  4. Such a great post, I like it!!! The photos are simply fab!

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  5. stylish, rock and trendy, I love it !!!


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