Wednesday, January 18, 2012

High Tea

Don't you just love this color combination: Aqua blue with yellow!?
I loved it when I saw the following page in the J Crew catalog early fall of 2011:
I had this super old blouse that I used to wear to work with black slacks. I have always loved this color and I already owned the yellow cardigan. SO I saved this photo until I found and purchased the aqua cords from F21 and now it can be created:

 So you can see this looks a bit weird. That is cause this animal print was the inside of this belt and it has a super cute brass bow buckle on the front side that is plain brown. I really wanted to do animal print though so wore it inside out...

This pose was weird all perched up...

Blouse - very old don't recognize the brand...
Cardigan - Victoria's Secret
Cords - Forever 21
Belt - Betsey Johnson (TJ Maxx)
Flats - Enzo
Accessories - Forever 21 & Guess & Michael Kors

 Linking up today to a new blog I found: Momma Go Round
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Morning was pre-school. In the afternoon we went to the indoor play area where I had signed up my duaghter for a snowflake tea party...
Had bought this dress for her at clearence at Kohl's when she saw this model and cried for it back in xmas. It is size 5 and too big for her but for the Snowflake Tea Party it was perfect colors and style so I let her wear it...

The tea party was on top of this castle structure....

After tea they read a story...

 Learning to hold the cup with the pinky out!

Learning to stir without clinging...

And the boys (big brothers) playing...


  1. i really love the bright colors and the creativity with the belt! it really added a pop of fun to the outfit. Your daughter is so cute and i love her braid in the front!

  2. What a great and unexpected color combination! Your daughter is adorable! Thanks for stopping by Babblings of a Mommy. :)


  3. OMG ! so far this is the my favorite post ever. First of all I love the color combination with two of my favorite colors and iced with animal print again my favorite. Juliet is cute as can be and with that perfect braid she does look like a russian girl. Love her dress and her pinky out!!! Trevor's smile lets you forget all about you two girls I am sorry he is darling and loved the picture on the pirate ship.

  4. Love the touches of animal print!

    I hope you'll stop by and link-up with What I Wore Wednesday, too!

  5. I love everything about this look. The animal print is a fun surprise, but really compliments this look. :)

    Your kiddos are so cute. Love your daughter's dress, so pretty!

  6. Just love this outfit and the color combination!!


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