Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If it makes you happy

 Today's outfit was inspired by Gwen's photo in People Style Watch Magazine back in Jan/Feb of last year:
I initially planned to wear my black sandals which would have looked much better but I was so cold that I couldn't bring myself to do it. Not even for photos. Of course at the park it was totally hot an hour into it but still...

This camouflage pants are actually capri pants. That is why I have the boots pulled up. I added the chain covered belt for some edge. The sequined motorcycle cut jacket always looks great. This was a great find/buy from F21. Added a very simple necklace to keep things in simple...
I actually took my Michael Kors purse to the park if you can believe it!? I can't wait till I can trust my daughter with potty so I can stop carrying a diaper purse. I never really use what is inside but the time I need stuff (like when she has an accident) it is a life saver...

The black and white fedora was perfect with this outfit... And I can't repeat it enough. I truly love my two toned hair.

I got the inspiration for these colors from the hat in the inspiration photo. If you scroll back up you will see the hat has black and white and these colors. I thought it would be hard but it wasn't that hard to do 3 stripes. I let each stripe dry to avoid messiness. The light colors are 2 coats and the orange is one coat.

Jacket, Hat, Necklace - Forever 21
Pants - Victoria's Secret
Belt - From Turkey
Tee - Target
Boots - Steve Madden
Purse - Michael Kors
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

Went to the outdoor class actually on time and we were the first ones there. Kids got to do the messy art with full attention from the teacher. We had leave early unfortunately to take my daughter to the pedatrician and turns out she does have throat infection and started antibiotics. We stayed home in the afternoon and my mom came to play with the kids. My husband came home early and went grocery shopping with my son. It was nice to have mom play with just my daughter in peace. She was so cute putting all her dolls to sleep, taking them to potty, giving them medicine. She even called the doctor on a pretend lego phone and told the dr her baby was sick. It was so cute seeing her imitate me.

First wanted to share these photos from  
yesterday's Zumba class:
My son in red sweat pants and daughter in purple leggings (she is dancing with her chocolate milk!)
With their friends...

And these photos from TODAY:
 Painting their caterpillar art made out of egg cartons... So cute...


  1. You are always doing the most amazing activities with the kiddies...our life is so boring, LOL

    Love those camo pants..super comfy and easy to wear!

  2. Beautiful nail art ! I love Gwen Stefani and your outfit is awesome, modern and rock !!!

  3. I love how involved you are with your kids. The nail paint is cool.

    Any ideas on how to style turkish harem style semi-structured pants? The are fitted at the waist and crotch, and cuffed at the ankles. The rest is fairly baggy with wide pockets. The colour is grey.


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