Sunday, January 8, 2012


 Today's outfit was inspired by the lovely Bee of Atlantic Pacific:

I figured I could create this with my mom's suede jacket and my mustard dress and the combination came out pretty good. I love the idea of adding this knit vest underneath so it peaks out and adds color. Except I got a lot of comments on my mom's fringed suede jacket. My son was first to say 'it looks like an Indian costume' followed by 'Pocahontas' from my husband and cousin!
The fringes are definitely not practical when serving birthday cake to a group of kids I later found out.

 I added the white purse and off white sunglasses for a bit of light color...

Even the back has fringes...

 I tried so many different necklaces with this outfit. Almost went with this all cream bib necklace but then switched back to this street vendor purchase in Turkey.

 Jacket - Mom's
Dress - Ruche
Vest - Forever 21
Booties - Victoria's Secret
Necklace - from Turkey
Sunglasses - Guess
Purse - Dior

We had a rough night the night before so our plans for going out to breakfast did not happen. We spent the whole morning at home lounging then gave the kids a late morning bath and forced them to take early naps. So we could go to my son's friend's b-day party at 1:30 PM. Even though we woke up my daughter we were still an hour late and most of the fun activities were already over with but had a bit of fun for a little while before going to dinner at my mom and Step Dad's house with the family.
 The party was at a State Park by the Lake!

 Check out this duck with fur on his head like a hat!


  1. It looks like a great time on the lake :)

    The outfit is interesting. I love fringes, and the boots are really beautiful!


  2. çok tatli bir kombin olmu$ Defnecim ^^

    Bilekligine ve botlarina BAYILDIM !

  3. Love the dress! Your daughter's outfit is too cute!

  4. I love the embroidery detail on the dress.
    No More Sweatpants

  5. God, I don't even remember how many things I've missed to do late naps or temper tantrums... My little one didn't even go trick or treating because she cried for an hour and then tired herself out--fell asleep in the truck. Haha! The day is always an adventure, that's for sure. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun though!
    Don't you just love Bee? She is an inspiration to everyone. I wish I had her eye and instinct for layering. And someone to do my hair and make up like her. And the time. Who are we kidding ;) haha! I think you did a great job! I love your yellow dress. It's so cute!

  6. Thanks sooo much for your comment on my blog!!! And I'm glad you like thee sequin dress =)

    Hope to hear from you again!

    Big Hug


  7. Love her look and yours...SO funky and fun!

  8. Love my jacket on you and ı do have the same one in the picture also:) ı am planning to wear it with my cowboy boots! Love your boots by the way. Juliet's feeding the ducks picture triggered the memory of you doing it at her age saying vak vak vak give me some more ekmek !!!


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