Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year New Hair

 HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone! 
A short post to show what I wore yesterday during the day and my new hair!
The big NYE post will come soon...

The inspiration for this outfit came from this Chictopia post I saved last year!:
 My color scheme was all silver/grey while hers was green.
 These leggings are so cool but they take a bit of courage to wear them outside during the day!
Vest - Forever 21
Silver metallic hoodie - Bebe Sport
Silver tank - Charlotte Russe
Leggings - Closet
Boots - Steve Madden
Hat - TJ Maxx

And here is my hair transformation!

 Morning, no make up!

Finally found a photo of the color scheme I was going for! Blonde on top dark on the bottom. Can you believe we found this photo in Vogue's December issue when I was flipping through it sitting in front of the hair dresser! She was very happy we had a visual as well...
 I didn't want the blonde tone as cool as hers though. Wanted to stick with a bit warmer tone to match my skin tone...
And here is me AFTER:

At nigh after getting dressed. For the look I wanted a pinned hair which makes is harder to tell the new color though...

I am very happy with it. When I go back for a touch up I might get a bit more blonder on top but overall I love it and it was exactly the drastic look I wanted... What do you think? Be Honest....


  1. wow!! you look stunning. What a lovely hair doo! totally suits you, and you look so glam!!:D

  2. Love your new look! Red is a great color on you!

  3. I think it loooks great....honestly!!

  4. Love your blog and love your hair. It's dramatic without being over the top.

  5. i missed this post, but noticed your new hair in recent posts! i like it. i've been wanting to do the ombre thing for a while...but my hair is too dark to do any cool color transition. i like the colors you went with.



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