Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Once in a BLUE moon

 My outfit yesterday (Monday). In addition to being behind posts our cable started acting out and we lost internet connection last night! I hope I catch up on my posts soon. 

The inspiration came from JCrew's September catalog....
Any excuse to use my turquoise heels! And old suit jackets!

Jacket - Part of an Ann Taylor suit
Blouse - J Crew
Pants, Necklace, Socks - Forever 21
Belt - Limited
Shoes - Gabriella Rocha

Went to my dad's to celebrate new Year's and he gave his gifts for us and the kids... They had a great time playing with the new toys/games and their cousin...


  1. bence senin pantolonun ve ceketin çok daha güzel, özellikle ceketine bayıldım canım :)

  2. Wow...I really love this look. I love how you are able to mix and match colors together. I wish I were more gifted in that area.

    Love all of the pictures, you have such a beautiful family.

  3. Cute. Cute. Cute.

    Love the blazer & the heels.

    Hope you get your internet working soon.


  4. Gorgeous necklace! Loving the mix of colors too!

  5. You have such cute kids! Seriously adorable.

    Also adorable, your turquoise double-strapped heels. If you ever get tired of them. . . :)

    The Suburb Experiment


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